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I can increase the power limit to +20% and it will still go to 1050 in some games.
Using an older driver (12.8) makes it happen far less, if at all, but I think the reason for that might be because the newer drivers also draw more power, and hit the TDP of the card more easily. I wrote back to gigabyte and asked them if that could be the problem. I also asked if its allowed by them under warranty to raise the power level limit to +20%. It's about the third time Ive asked that.. maybe they'll answer this time.
But, unfortunately the older driver is also slower... so... I dont know what to do. Slow driver at 1100mhz vs fast driver at 1050mhz.
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IMG_20121212_085055.jpg 1936k .jpg file 12.10, 12.11 beta 8 and 12.11 beta 11, same manifestation
And why have use a driver from august (12.8) 2012 , we are in dec 2012 !
In 2013, from they judgement, we will use driver from 2011 ?
LE : instead of CHIL 8xxx (vers 1.0) see picture attached what it is on ver 2.1 frown.gif


versus :


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I dont really know what the difference between those two chips is.
Also when I asked if using +20% power control setting would void my warranty they said "The user may try to adjust these setting but it may void the warranty if the card get damage. We would not provide any information about overclocking.
In addition, AMD recommended maximum GPU operating temperature is under 95 degree. "
They said nothing about the rest of my email, which contained all of the information I posted here earlier, with screenshots of how the card performs with numerous different drivers etc, and why I should have to use an old driver when the new ones are better.
I don't know what more I can do.

oh the adp4100 is like a cheaper version of the chil without thermal sensoring etc? great.
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Is crisis, frown.gifthumbsdownsmileyanim.gif !
Like my friend says : the version 2.1 is the light version of original 1.0
I will never ever buy this brand.
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theres a new bios out for this.. maybe you guys can try it.. I think its a little better but I havent got time to test it properly right now
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I try the new bios frown.gif
Same s**t diffrent name.
So :thumbdown: GB!

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yeah it didnt really improve things. one interesting thing I did notice though, is that my memory can now overclock to almost 1700 instead of 1575 without crashing. so i guess thats something..
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I know this thread is kinda old but...

To stop my card from dropping core to 1050 (gw2 was one game I'd see this a lot in) i just manually set to 1100 and +20% power adjustment, never saw the drop again.

Also, worth mentioning... I was stupid enough to buy two of these for crossfire ( i say stupid mainly because there are like 0 cooling options), recently noticed the main card had an older bios than the slave, updating the main card got me 200 3dmark points.
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I had a GB 7979OC, rev. 2.1. Just flashed the TO bios and I got voltage control up too 1256mV on core. Bench stable @1200Mhz. Returned the card tho, no VRM temp,crap build quality not good.

Just use the BIOS Mod tool and up the powerlimit to +50 and voltage to whatever you like.

Link can be found in this post: http://www.overclock.net/t/1390275/wip-asus-7970-dc2t-crossflash-to-matrix-project-and-gen-info-thread/90#post_20035817
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Mine still working with ek universal block and http://www.swiftech.com/hd7900-hsf.aspx !
Very good radiator ! Notice that i have smaller temp on vrm with this vs a full wb !!!
1200 / 1600 +20% power adjustment 24/24 !

Actually i whant to buy other 3GD ver 1.0 to make crossfire ! But cant find frown.gif
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