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Can anyone make sense of AMD's AM3+ 2013 roadmap?

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I'm starting this thread so that as new information comes out, it can be added.... many people out there have AM3+ boards and are looking for an upgrade.

There has been a lot of conflicting information, and things that have not been said clearly.

So as far as I understand it:

No Steamroller architechture in AM3+ "FX" chips for 2013

Piledriver will be the AMD AM3+ architechture for 2013.

Current flagship CPU is the (4 module/8core) Piledriver FX-8350 manufactured on 32nm technology.

Will AMD release 28nm Piledrivers during 2013?... if so... when?
Will we get a faster clocked (4 module/8 core) Piledriver during 2013?.... if so, when?
Will we get a Piledriver with more modules/cores during 2013?... if so. when?

Again I will return to known facts:
AMD currently has 12 and 16 core Piledrivers in their Opteron series, clocked lower than the desktop FX Piledrivers.... therefore, it is not beyond their technical means to release such chips.

Looking at what AMD did with the Phenom series when they couldnt crank the clockrate higher...... (the move to 50% more cores) I am hoping for something with more modules.
The Phenom II x4 series can be overclocked to roughly 4GHz, and so can the Phenom II x6 series... the clocks people are getting with the 6 core chips are not a lot lower than the 4 core chips.

So hopefully AMD will release something like a 3.5GHz 12 core Piledriver on 28nm technology, which will push the 8 core chips down in price.... this sentence is pure speculation, and I have no idea what is planned... only my hopes. wink.gif

If anyone has some more info.... please pitch in.... I've been searching and searching Google with no luck. All I get is info for the FM2 socket and their APUs... and no information on their AM3+ "FX" chips besides "no steamroller" and "it will be Piledriver for 2013".
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Nope its all speculation. and they need to worry about performance more than lowering 8 core prices and 12 core processors.
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I agree. They need to fix single threaded performance... but that is not going to happen without a different architecture or significantly higher clocks.... and I dont see either happening during 2013... they said no new architecture, and 4GHz is already a very high clock speed (cant significantly improve on that and keep within normal TDP levels).

If they can add 2-4 cores and keep the 4GHz clock speed, then the performance would increase in multi-threaded apps... but unfortunately, not in single-threaded ones frown.gif
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