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Abit AN9-32X AM2 NVIDIA 590-SLI Motherboard Review
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ABIT AN9-32X AM2 NVIDIA 590-SLI Motherboard


In the race to be the world's best, motherboard manufacturers around the globe continue to drain every ounce from their platforms making improvements and releasing new revisions. The crown has past arguably from maker to maker as new models hit the market. Most of the time, the combination of features to tip the votes are results of stability, over clocking, and esthetic impressions.

Among the very few crown holders, you will find ABIT to have held the votes of long time devoted followers the world over, especially when it comes to over clockers. ABIT's Socket A era put them forever in a rare league of fulfilling those three important standards.

We recently have had other Nvidia 590-SLI Chipsets across the test bench which were no slouch boards in features and some in over clocking. ABIT sent us their AN9-32X which has found its way in a wide variety of user's power house computers. Everyone wants to know what it has offer when compared to other platforms, so let's take it for a spin.
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