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In a note to clients picked up by Forbes, the firm states that Surface sales in the December quarter are shaping up to fall into the 500,000 to 600,000-unit range, well below its earlier estimates of between 1 million and 2 million units. According to Detwiler, Microsoft’s tablet strategy appears to be “in disarray.”

The firm points to a high price tag, the lack of adequate distribution and mixed reviews as key factors contributing to the Surface’s apparent flop. Had Microsoft priced the slate more competitively and sold the tablet through leading retailers like Best Buy (BBY), we might be telling a different story according to Detwiler.

In a brief positive note, Detwiler said it still sees potential in Intel-based Windows 8 notebooks, which are handily outselling the Surface with Windows RT.

Let's see:
Relying on a roduct launch at Microsoft stores that nobody knows or has heard about
Not allowing them to be sold at retailers like Best Buy, etc.
Supply chain management problems (which I have previous pointed out in other threads)
Over a billion dollars down the drain in the marketing of a product no one knows where to get
Extremely overpriced
lmao the keyboard
An operating system that most people who have tried it have disliked

Who would have thought!

Surface is obviously going to be the highly desired product that gets people into Microsoft stores, which will then make them popular and successful. Now just let me drive down to the local Best Buy to take a quick look at the Surface. What's that? I have to drive 4 hours to the closest Microsoft Store to take a look at the Surface? Screw that. Give me an iPad!

$1.5 billon advertising budget, 1 million units sold. They should have just given them away for free, they would have saved $1000 per unit