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I am going to begin a new build on thursday with a P8Z77-V Pro and 2 Intel 330 180GB SSD ideally in a RAID 0 set up. I would like to do this with TRIM enabled, on the SATA3 Intel controller and Mirrored to 1 of 2 Seagate Baracua 2TB HDD's in one of the SATA2 ports on the same Intel controller. I have read that TRIM is available with my chipset and this version of the driver. The RAID 1 Mirroringof the RAID array is of least importance.

I have never done this with SSDs or any RAID in probably 10 years. I downloaded all the drivers from ASUS the Rapid Storage drivers and the Intel Smart Connect Technology Software/Utility, all latest version and verified compatible with my board.

What is confusing me is it says I need to install the intel utility and drivers etc before installing the latest Intel Rapid Storage RAID drivers. How do I achieve this before installing my OS? Maybe I am reading the READ ME incorrectly.

If possible could someone break down a step-by-step instruction list on exactly what needs to be done once the PC is assembled? I was assuming I would finish the build. Boot Windows 7 Pro and when prompted install the RAID drivers via USB drive. I am weary of doing this because of the required Drive utility or whatever it calls for and because I am new to SSDs in general. I would really appreciate the help.

Also, if someone could tell me what else I should install before my first OS boot with the RAID driver etc, I would really appreciate it. Thanks you.

I'm sorry if this has been asked here before. I am not familiar with these boards and had an embarrassingly difficult time navigating around. I was almost unable to start a discussion until I realized I had to come to a sub-forum, not just the support comm area...
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