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(l would like to make a note that I am not looking for someone to do my homework for me, all I am simply trying accomplish here is to find more resources of material for a paper. If any of you can point to a good direction, that would be much appreciated.)

I am writing up a technical report on how the use of CAD programs had changed the way that developers make games. It turned out to be more of a history paper, since I am talking about the difference and the evolution of game development. Luckily it is only 10% of my grade but I would like to make an effort, plus it is due next week. So far, I have this much.

- I have notes on how games where constructed back in the 8-16 bit days. I would like to know more about them, maybe what kind of code to mention, just a little more detail.
- I know a few things about ID-Tech 1 (doom engine) and the build engine (Duke Nukem 3D) mainly ideas on how they worked, limitations of those graphics engines. I am aware of driller space in 87'.
-The modern stuff, seems to be difficult to me, I really don't want to make it a ad or a extensive broushure. Most of the companies don't really say how they do this, they'll say they used maya, mudbox, 3ds max, and maybe a list of "middleware". I can talk about what does what by what company (based on pdf's from autodesk, I know, it is limited).