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Oh, so sorry, all! redface.gif

I haven't posted here in so long that I'd actually forgotten I was a member. The aaaa was a test to see what would happen, and OOPS!

I came across this thread via a web search. I have a wc idea very similar to op's, and wanted to run it by someone, so here I am.

I have one computer....the family computer. I have been a rabid gamer, but not for three years or so. Not sure what I want to play yet, but when I do (?) get back into it, I want to have a representative rig.

My goal is to have my rig handle the routine stuff, like surfing, emailing, etc,, and overclocked gaming requiring water cooling. Not an outlandish wish, but how...?

How about wc the cpu with a copper water block, input/output on the side /end, ice water chiller,
and a regular heatsink with fans on top of the copper block?

During routine computer use, the water would flow and the heatsink will run, but I will NOT use ice in the chiller. (A mess, and only for gaming now and then.) If the heatsink itself will keep the cpu cool enough for routine use, I do not see why the room temp water running through the block (and slowly heating the water in room temp chiller (res)), would heat the cpu excessively, since the increasing temp of the block would be addressed by the heatsink and fans.

I intend to overclock the cpu for gaming only, so will use a different bios profile for that.
I will have to insulate to prevent condensation when running ice water.

This is not a recent thread, but it's exactly on point, so I'm hopeful that anybody reading this will make a comment or two, and get me off this track if this won't work. biggrin.gif

I'm comfortable with the temp situation (unless advised to the contrary), but I've always wondered if running an comp on air while insulated against condensation will have the effect of overheating those components covered by the insulation. (Maybe use lots of conformal and less of insulation?)

Thanks for your attention. smile.gif

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Wow! cousinmarvin is a dunce. redface.gif I went to bed kind of pleased with my plan, then woke up this morning realizing that the heatsink/fan, seeking ambient temp, would actually WARM the waterblock when running ice water.

No wonder I hadn't read anything about a setup like this. tongue.gif



P.S. The major positive in all this is that I beat any responders who would have been unable to resist flaming my stuntzness. wink.gif
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