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Hey everyone, I was wondering what mouse I should get. I just bought a Corsair M90 and am questioning returning it or not. I don't dislike the mouse as a mouse, but I don't use any of the side buttons whatsoever and I moderately dislike the weight. The weight is heavy and tires my arm a bit over a long playing session.

I use a half claw and half palm grip, so a fingertip grip I believe. With this mouse I use 2400 DPI and I find it comfortable. My budget is no more than like.. $60 or so. I can spend more if it's justafiable though. Additional buttons do not matter to me at all, I mainly play League of Legends so I have no use for them. I have no idea what prediction is or how to notice it; explain to me if you want. I am right handed, any cord type is fine, Lights are fine (my setup is a blue theme), the finish doesn't really matter to me I suppose. My hands do get sweaty though sometimes.

I also am looking for a new mousepad. Cloth is preffered but it shouldn't matter. Size should be a decent size but not like the size of a QcK+. My budget is small because well, it's a mousepad. I currently use a cheapo blue cloth mousepad from Fredmeyers which has served me well for two years.

So my question to all of you fine folks, what mouse and mousepad should I get and why? Thanks for taking time out of your day to help me out!

Edit: The Razer DeathAdder Black Edition is $45 on Newegg at the moment. Also the Roccat Savu is $30 on NCIX currently. Should I pick one of these up?
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