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Hi All

I only started playing this game like a week ago, mainly got it for the wife and daughter to play on our HTPC. But after giving it a go I found it quite fun.

Just a word of warning, I suck at this game lol I mostly have no idea what I am doing as I'm still getting the hang of things, but I thought might as well share my first park with you guys.

This is one of the games stock scenarios so most of the scenery awesomeness I can't take credit for, you'll notice my parts cause they suck haha.

Anyway enjoy Box Office...


Birds eye view of the entire park, I have mostly worked in the right hand side near the main street. It was quite crowded to start with but I tried to make that work by using the surrounds and making good use of space.


When I started it was just a series of empty warehouse, taking charge the first ride I added to the park (which at this point only had the amazing studio tour monorail) was what I eventually called "Studios In Action". It was a self driving car ride that weaved in and out of the parks empty warehouses circling the mainstreet area, but remaining mostly out of view except for the last hill around the tanks(?). Inside the warehouse I dressed up different themed "Studios" where the riders could feel part of the action. The first two being a prehistoric scene, second a pirate theme, then sci fi, then lastly candyland. I haven't made a POV for this cause quite frankly its crap lol. It was my first attempt at scenery and I found working inside buildings rather hard so its quite lame.

Also along the mainstreet were my first two flat rides, firstly the "To The Moon" Shuttle simulator, and after I couldn't find a use for a empty warehouse I demolished it and built the "Choas Invertor" next to the Shuttle. Both proved popular as well as "Studios In Action" bringing in steady income.

The last two rides of the Mainstreet area were built much later as I decided to complete the area. First was the Itova Ferry, a children's swinging boat ride set in its own water feature with animated sharks on either side, it turned out to be a popular transition ride from Mainstreet into Itova Castle (featured later). The last ride of the area is the "Swing Time Ferris" a modern take on the ferris wheel keeping the same red theme of Mainstreet.

Back Half:

This shot shows the back half the park that I have mostly left alone so far, the obvious "Studio Tour" monorail being the main feature. I simply added the "Skypoint Observation" tower, and the "Jungle Spin" flat ride to draw interest to the Studio Tours back station.

Itova Castle:

My first ambitious project (though paling in comparison to the awesome rides I've seen here on the forums lol) was Itova Castle, which I built from scratch to be a family/children's area with a late medieval theme.

The main attraction here is the "Dungeons Deep" spinning coaster, which starts at the top of the keep and plunges down into the depths of the walls and fly's back up into a leisurely circuit of the battlements.

The "Turret Spin" came next (the Rotor thing I wish I could get rid of the sign writing on it haha) also on the top of the Keep. Finally the two courtyard rides, the "Witches Lair" a mildly spooky house ride in the corner surrounded by creepy trees, and the "Spinsters Slide" a simple spiral slide which for some reason has proved quite popular with the kids.

Green Lantern & The Black Hole:

Finally we come to my main attractions, the bold "Green Lantern" pipeline coaster, and the more hidden but thrilling "Black Hole" floorless coaster.

Now I'm quite proud of the Green Lantern since its a blantant attempt to rip off of the actual Green Lantern ride at Movie World (on the Gold Coast of Australia) which I visited this year on holiday, unfortunately its not exactly the same since the coasters I had available to build with didn't have the right pieces. But its follows the real life one in spirit and I think mine might actually be a tad more exciting. The coaster starts off in the giant green glass station and climbs to the highest point immediately, its all thrill and speed from there. I made a tight enclosure that the coaster zooms through to add to the thrill, I also put some laser domes in there but I don't know how to get them working unfortunately lol. Overall I am happy with the Green Lantern, I could have made it a bit smoother but I had a very tight area to work with so I did the best I could.

The Black Hole was my first coaster, since the area for my two coasters was limited I decided to do the smart thing and go straight underground. Alot of trial and error later and the Black Hole was built (at considerable expense nearly causing the Park to go broke and cranking up huge loans lol). I realized after like the tenth rebuild that all my initial problems of the trains getting stuck mid ride could have been solved all along by a powered start haha oh well learnt for another day. The ride is quite crazy and I would love to go on it in real life, the only thing I'm disappointed in is that despite not having any tunnel lights, the underground seems to have its own natural light which sucks haha.

And finally one last close up shot of the Green Lantern station:

And that's all I've got so far, sorry for the overall poor quality but I really don't know what I'm doing, each ride costs me like twice what it should cause I have to sell and redo so often to get them semi right haha. Really wish the game had an undo button.

Cheers smile.gif
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