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Hello World

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Just finished my computer today. Here are the specs:

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
Processor: AMD FX-8150
SSD: OCZ Vertex II
Case: Azza Solano 1000
GPU: MSI Radeon HD 6570
PSU: Kingwin 1050W
Corsair H60 Water Cooler
Other stuff

I am thinking about overclocking since my processor is only running at 3.9GHz right now, especially since I installed the water cooler.

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You have a 8150 at stock with effectively an air cooler and a 6570. Why the 1050W PSU?
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I had an 880W but it blew out with my 8150 and 32 GB of RAM among other things. Also I'm working on an overclock so I wanted to play it safe and get a 1050W instead of a 900W. Also I have 3 140mm fans and 2 240mm fans, all of which are LED lit
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I assure you, your system is drawing something along the lines of 250w maximum. A good power supply would never die by being overloaded, it would simply shutdown. Example, my system is running an i7 3770K at 4.6GHz and a GTX680 at full load it draws 280W total.

You would be better off with a smaller unit because they're more efficient at low power levels like yours. A 400W unit. Would be ample.
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