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As the title states, i'm having troubles with my GF108 gt430 and need some help.

The card itself has nice overclock headroom, but it always reverts to 2d mode (50% core) sporadically. It's stable at the OC clock at super low temps but after a while when you monitor it, you see it dropping and the only way to get the 100% is to reboot. Something in the BIOS is retarded.

So I'm thinking no biggie, modify the bios so the '2d mode' or 'downclocked P value' is the same as the performance settings. This way when it goes half mast, it will still be where I want it.


Fermi bios editor - doesnt work, not supported.
nvidia inspector - doesnt work, grayed out.
Nibitor - my best choice, can edit p3, p7, p15, however I dont know what the heck these values need to be or what they even are.

Load up the fermi calculator, WHADDYA KNOW, GT 430 isnt on the list.

What are my options? Is there an easier remedy? Thanks for your time!
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