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Didn't see that. Not sure I would want a used card though. Guessing i wouldn't have a warranty then. Had to send my last card back once for a failing fan. Apparently the rattling on the corsair coolers us fixed with a new firmware update. What's this about 30nm ram though?

I bought a lot of used products through Amazon. Most of them are listed as "Like New" or "Very Good." I feel many of them are just open box items that weren't really used, maybe floor models from some where. You usually can save a decent chunk of change by going with them used. However, it looks like they cleared out a lot of their 7950 used items from Black Friday and Cyber Monday though. Many of the vendors don't even have any used ones available, except a few. Just something to consider though, might want to jump on that second 7870 sooner than later since you already have one. They have the 7870's all the way down to $209. Overclocked and with the new 12.11 drivers, two 7870's should put you at 7950/7970 territory.

The Samsung ram has become quite popular around here. Specifically because its price and "overclockability." People have it running at 2133 at pretty low volts, and it still stays pretty cool without any heat spreaders so they say. At $35 per 8 gb, it's a good deal. Although, you can still get 16 gb of 2133 gskill for $70 too.
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If there is a Micro Center near you, get your CPU and mobo from there, as they have hands down the lowest CPU price and you get 40 bucks off any mobo when you buy an Ivy Bridge CPU.
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