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It's there when your desktop is not. It goes where your desktop cannot. And this is my laptop. It's the backbone to every haphazardly wired computer. It has not been rebooted in the last 186 days even with two batteries replaced, yet it's there, ready for you, when your ASUS P8z68v-pro dies. These are the computers that make everything possible when the farthest you can get is the POST menu.

This is my 2007 Macbook Pro (macbookpro3,1 17" 1920x1200 7200RPM 8600GT version). I don't know about the rest of you, but maintaining a nice computer nowadays is kind of like having a hamster. You have to constantly feed it (it's annoying to maintain + the fact that many of us will never want to stop tinkering with a build which = downtime). Anyways, I feel like the macbook pro that I actually use on a daily basis and I use as my primary computer deserves a little recognition. I got it in a trade, it was in very rough cosmetic shape, and the keys "L", "O" and "9" did not function. After replacing the keyboard with a cheap euro version, buying a knockoff battery which decided to have a melt down in the middle of a materials engineering class, Discovering the magic a sandblaster can make, as well as the fabulous way it can severely warp aluminum laptop LCD lids and eventually buying a new genuine battery, my original 17" Macbook Pro is proudly raging against the machine with a nice copy of Windows 7 Professional x64 and a 120GB Intel 520 series SSD five years after it's manufacture. I have no plans of buying a new laptop anytime in the near future.

This thread is dedicated to these computers. Let's see yours.

Someone at the library at my school wrote that sticky note for me thumb.gif

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