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Either card won't be able to play DX10 so don't bother with that. Most games today don't even utilize 512MB so just get the cheaper card. If you are concerned about DX10 you can either wait for more DX10 cards to come out (r600 is what your looking for if your an ATI fan) or you can go get a Nvidia EVGA card and step up to a 8800 or any other DX10 later.

The step up program is looking real interesting imo with DX10 so close.
Hi wincet,

My bad. In typing the response I failed to add that the video cards in question will not play DX10. So OCnub will have to determine what needs he currently has and buy the video card that fits the bill. I suspect that this time next year, DX10 games will be on the market and cards able to use the new technology...

Thanks for clearing that up, :-)