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Just put together my second build. Still a newb. A problem, and a question.

Everything posted and installed great -- except I have no sound from either the rear or front audio jacks. Checked the following:
- when I plug in the speakers or remove them, the computer recognizes that something was plugged in/removed to/from that jack
- speakers: work (other devices will play through the speakers)
- checked device manager/manage audio devices: both recognize the RealTek sound chip(?) that's part of the mobo. Both say the device is working properly. When I test the device, the sound meters move up and down as normal -- except I get no sound.
- Yes, the speakers are on and the volume is up
- drivers: loaded drivers from disk, then downloaded most recent driver from the ASROCK website (ver 6690)
- UEFI/BIOS utility: HD audio was set to "auto", changed it to "enabled". Still no dice.

2. GRAPHICS CARD. Any suggestions? Have an old 512MB card.