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Budget gaming rig ($650 Newegg only)

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Hey, I'm just looking for someone to look over this budget build and tell me what they think. If you have any recommendations, I will be glad to hear them

Budget: $650 max

Usage: Gaming/recording games (fraps). Hoping to start a youtube channel.

Do I need OS: YES. (not going to pirate)

Preferred website for parts: Only buying from newegg.

Location: Florida, US.

Parts preferences: I think I'd rather go the amd route, because even if their architecture can't hold up against intel, their budget processors undeniably perform better at multitasking/multithreaded tasks, which is necessary if I'm going to be recording games with fraps.

Overclocking: no, I don't want to have to buy an aftermarket cooler. I might overclock by .1 or .2 ghz or so on the stock fan, but no more that.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

So here's the build:


By the way, I realize the case is probably a bit overkill. But I love the simplistic, yet stylish look of it, and I feel it will be nice to have an attractive case to house any future upgrades that I do.

Anyhow, thanks for your time. Please tell me what you think!
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The PSU is overkill, you can get a 400w and save some money. Since you're not overclocking the board is fine thumb.gif You might want to look into a FX6300. It has a better FPU with better avx/sse instruction support which is very good for video editing like I see you're going to be doing a bit.

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Man I would wait for deals. I saw a 2500k for $100 at my local MC. I saw another awesome mobo for it a week later for $80 usually $200. Ram on sale today for $36. You can stretch your case wisely if you wait for deals to come up occasionally. I am not a fan of the P2 series anymore. Outdated to crap compared to intel's offerings.
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Low-end 4+1 phase MSI + power-hungry 125W TDP quad core processor = big big no-no. Even at stock.


For some games and FRAPs recording you will want even more than 4 cores - i.e. look FX-6300, but this may push your budget. Here is my recommendation (noting that it does not exclusively use Newegg, I highly recommend you pursue at least one alternative like NCIX for some very beneficial cost savings):


AMD Phenom II x4 965 - $85 shipped [NCIX]

MSI-990XA-GD55 + free 2x4GB DDR3-1600 + Xigmatek GAIA SD1283 - $110 shipped all and $15 rebate [Newegg] - get the aftermarket cooler. Just $5 extra thanks to combo discount, and it's also quieter than stock.

WD Caviar Blue 500GB HDD - $60 shipped [NCIX] (2 years warranty, better than a Seagate drive at the same price on Newegg)
XFX Core Ed 7850 - $183 shipped, $20 rebate [Newegg]

NZXT Source 210 - $40 shipped [Amazon]

Corsair CX-500 V2 - $50 shipped, $20 rebate [Newegg]

Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit - $88 shipped [NCIX] or Win7 for $88, $12 cheaper than Newegg (I personally recommend the improved productivity/kernel on Win8)
DVD drive $16 shipped [NCIX] (I do not consider there to be any other appropriate place to buy a DVD-RW drive as I set a standard that DVD-RW drives must be under $20 shipped or they are ripoffs in today's day and age).


$632 shipped - $577 after rebate


Could add a:

Samsung 830 series 64GB SSD

$647 after rebates


EDIT: Hang on, I'm looking at coming up with a second suggestion with different balance once I get home later today.

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Hey bro. If you're looking to start a YT channel, you're going to need more memory than just 500GB. Trust me. I run my own gaming channel, and FRAPS records HUGE files. I only have a 1TB Hard drive and when I stock up on footage, I'm holding about 200GB at a time of raw footage waiting to be rendered. It's overkill. You need more.

I switched the hard drive over from a 500GB to a 1.5TB for you, and switched the video card. It's the same Radeon Chipset, just with a better cooling fan, so it's more efficient and runs better. It's defiantly worth that extra few bucks.

Here's the new list for you. Hope you take that into consideration
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