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First off I'm limited in my resources, so I can't do things you guys might suggest such as "try swapping out the cards...ect".

Sometimes when I restart my comp. it says no DVI signal. The DVI cord runs from my XFX R7970 Ghz edition straight to my monitor.

The computer would be working flawlessly then when I turn it off and boot it back up SOMETIMES, it just doesn't give a signal. I'd have to power the system off by pressing the power switch on the mobo and reboot the system that way. Then I'd get a signal on the FOLLOWING boot.

Motherboard; MSI z77 gd65

Also, when the GPU does not give a signal I can easily switch to the onboard graphics if I wanted to and I'd have a signal. I've tested 3 monitors so I can rule out the screen.

ALSO, I noticed that when my GPU is working fine.....and I switch to onboard DVI, I don't get a signal
BUT when the GPU isn't working fine I'm able to get a signal from the onboard basically it's either one or the other, is this normal?

I'm new to this stuff and it's driving me crazy. Please take the time to fully respond to all the problems explained I would appreciate it.

PS: Forgot to mention, every single driver is up to date. Cheers
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