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Not sure if I got a bad chip or I didn't voltage it correctly. The motherboard I use is asrock extreme4 gen3. Updated to 2.2 and decided to overclock it since I have noctua nhd14 with great temp. Never goes up to 50 celcius on prime95 blend test as default setting.

The goal of my overclock is 4.8ghz, sadly I can never get it stable for more than 1 minute on prime95 without getting a bsod.

I had the card on +0.2 because I was pretty deperate and 1.09 on VTT. I had 275 for short and long power and 300 for core power with spread spectrum disabled. The temperature is certainly fine and the voltage consumption according to CPU-Z floats around 1.43.

I had +0.2 on the 1.1 bios version working fine on prime95, but I decided it was too high of a voltage so I thought Id overclock it later, now it can't even run prime95 on +0.2