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My Black Friday loot, and current case mods

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Here is some of my black friday stuff. I really splurged this year and order the parts I needed for 2 complete builds lol. I order some of it in the two weeks prior to black friday and a good chunk on black friday and the day before. I just couldn't pass up all the good deals. Here is a part list of what I've ordered and the awesome prices I got it each item at for the two builds:

Black Bitfinex Prodigy $50
White Bitfinex Survivor (rare all white version) $30

8gb Viper 1600mhz $22.99 but $13 AR
8gb Blue 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance and EK DDC top $31.29
Another 8gb Blue 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance I accidentally ordered, I think it was $23.00

MSI 7770 $90 but $60 AR
XFX 7870 $195.69 but $175.69 AR
XFX 5450 $13

Samsung 830 128gb $70
Intel 180gb Maplecrest $83
Seagate 3tb $70

EVGA X79 FTW and Geil 8gb ram $170 but $160 AR
MSI ZH77A-G43 $50 but $20 AR

Water cooling
Swiftech MCP355 $40.18
Swiftech MCP655-B $46.30
Ek Supreme LTX cpu waterblock and Koolance QDC $31.67
Ek Multioption Rex X2 400/ ek uv blue liquid coolant & bitfenix sleeved 24 pin $32.84

EK Coolstream triple 120mm rad $35.08
EK Coolstream single 120mm rad and 10ft primochil white lrt $32.78

Corsair Vengeance M90 and Kingston 16gb flash drive $37.97, but $23.97 AR
Sharkoon Tactix gaming keyboard $10.17
Cooler Master Quick Fire Pro Keyboard $52.42

Power supply:
Corsair CX600 $31.03 bu t$11.03 AR

2 x Corsair SP120 Dual Pack $11.98 per pack

Intel I5 3570K $182.69

Other stuff.
Can of compressed air $4.08
Lamptron FC5V2 Fan controller and Logysis Dual UV Cold Cathode $31.00
Mionix Sargas 900 Desk and Mouse pad $10.38
a few different 16gb flash drives I got for under $8

The survivor is awesome. I pulled out all the front hard drive and 5.25 bays and the 360mm radiator fit in their just perfectly with the corsair fans. Here's the bad part. I set the rig up with the stock cooling to make sure everything worked and when I powered it on, it practically spontaneously combusted. Smoke every where. I yanked the plug and waited for the thick black smoke to clear. It turned out to be the survivor`s led lighting controller thank goodness. The stupid wires running to it were scorched. It was definitely cheaply made. I'm a little pissed because it made parts of the case yellow and singed some wires nearby like the sleeving to my PSU. Luckily I was able to rub the yellow smoke off the white interior, and carefully pull the melted wires from the led lightly off of the other wires they had melted themselves too. I'm going to write bitfinix probably and see what they can do for me, since I'm a little pissed about the damages. Luckily all the components still work.

Here are a few pictures of the fried led controller and some progress pics. I painted the inside of the prodigy with plasti dip which is a spray on rubber/plastic that is removable. It was difficult to work with in this cold weather in MT though. I still have cable management and stuff to do. I was planning to sleeve, but I'm getting lazy, so I must sleeve everything at a later date. The CX600 is really difficult to pull the pins out. My evga psu, was quite easy in comparison.

Here is a picture of my main rig, which I built just before black Friday. I mostly have what I need to switch to water cooling, but it looks so good on air, I may just leave it. Temps are excellent as well.

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Loot indeed... Need help building all that XD

All I bought was a couple older ITX Mobo's
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The more I see white cases the more I would like to one day do a black and white theme build. Very cool builds considering the your out of pocket costs (~$1350, yes I added them up). I've probably spent that on just my sig rig alone.
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Originally Posted by DUpgrade View Post

The more I see white cases the more I would like to one day do a black and white theme build. Very cool builds considering the your out of pocket costs (~$1350, yes I added them up). I've probably spent that on just my sig rig alone.

Haha, don't let my wife see that number lol. To be honest I didn't even add it up myself. I think I was avoiding that part. I'm happy the prices I paid, it just adds up really quick. Especially since I'm not currently employed. I installed the lamptron fan controller in my main rig tonight. It really quieted down the corsair fans, and the controller is extremely high quality, just like the silverstone ft02 I put it in. It was a match made in heaven. It's pretty much completely silent now. I have to put my ear next to it, to hear it at idle. The hd7870 I put it in it is much quieter than the 7950 it replaced too, and the fan doesn't kick in while gaming like the 7950 did. I think its the best air cooled computer I've built. I returned the 7950 simply because the 7870 I purchased was around $140 cheaper after rebate and the performance gap between the two isn't that much, so I was able to save money there and put it towards the other two rigs. I also returned my mechanical keyboard that I had paid $80 for since I found the cooler master for $50 and I like it better. Building my main rig right before Black Friday was a bad deal considering I could have saved a ton on my processor and other items if I had waited a couple weeks. Luckily I was able to return the items I did within the time frame. My wife was pissed about the white case, but literally the last 15 computers I built were black and red so I really wanted to try out something new, and blue and white is one my new favorite combos, and should look really great with the water cooling gear.
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Here is my updated pictures of the survivor. I'm really happy with it. It's been a long time since I've worked with a non modular PSU but the CX600 was short enough that there was a hole just behind the cables that was I able to route all the cables through and it made them nearly invisible from the front. I have a new 355 pump and top that I played around with, but in the end I decided to use the stock swiftech 655-B pump since I've never used one and always wanted too. Also the inlet and outlet lined up better so I could do a shorter run with the tubing. The other thing I did different with this build is I used zip ties and barbs. I actually like the clean look of it, and the zip ties felt very solid so I don't think I need to worry about leaks. I tried for a while to find a good spot to mount the SSD. In the end I figured out that simply standing it on its side above the 120mm fan hole and running screws through the metal mesh held it very solidly and made it stand out which is what I really wanted since it's one of the more expensive components to this build. My big worry right now is the 400mm radiator. I didn't think or measure when I ordered it lol. It just dawned on me today that 400mm is 16" inches! The case is about 17" inches tall so it will be very difficult to plug tubing into the bottom of the reservor, I may have to mod the case by cutting a whole in top the same size as the reservoir and raising the reservoir top cap until it is level with the top of the case. It would be a cool mod since the case could be filled and monitored externally, which would be great since there is no window for this case. The blue coolant should really pull all the colors of this build together. I think the rest of my parts will be here on Tuesday and then I can put all the finishing touches on it.

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Looks great so far. That rad is huge and since your planning mods anyway are you doing anything to the bay drive covers to make them blend with the front vents? Doing anything with lighting I'm sure it'll look nice through a plexiglas side panel. I have never done water cooling but the more I see it the more it makes me want to try it out. I'm sure I could buy pieces a bit at a time over a few months so my wife doesn't get mad at me or notice for that matter. Love the pics in the kitchen of all places or did the lighting just work out better there? Cool build though glad it's coming along.
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I was in the kitchen flushing out the rads and the overhead lighting was brighter than anywhere else in the house so I decided to take the pictures there lol. I hate to mod cases as I'm generally dissatisfied with anything unless its perfect, but in this case I may mod it further since I got the case so cheap and it wouldn't be a huge loss.
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I look at mods more as aesthetics because you're not using the drive bays and the rad fan behind it is almost useless without good airflow. Since I don't do water cooling what do you plan to use for fluid regular distilled water with a killcoil or some other mix? Tubes being white I would assume the former than latter.
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I usually use distilled water but I do have some EK blue coolant that I may use. This is primochill tubing so it suffers from the plasticizer issue. I will probably run the loop on distilled for a month and take out the tubing and clean it with my aquarium tube cleaning kit. They are long abrasive brushes that should be able to scrape the plasticizer build up off the inside of the tubing. This is what I'm hoping at least. I'd like to use white tubing if possible. Then I'll replace the coolant with the blue stuff. I also build an inline fuel filter today that I will run for a few days or at least the bleeding period to collect anything out of the radiators since I didn't flush them very well at all. It's hard to show in a picture but the survivor is set up so that the fans can go between the metal and plastic front so there is about a 1 1/2" inch gap between the radiator and the front plastic. It's more than enough room for the fan to suck air. Even if it weren't there is 480mm of radiator cooling capacity for a little I5 cpu. I doubt the cpu will even go much above ambient temperatures.
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I've been done with this build for a little while now, but I figured I would post the final pictures of how it turned out. I switched the tubing to some primoflex advanced lrt which is supposed to not have any plasticizer issues. Also i finally squeezed the reservoir into the build. There was just barely enough room for it, and it was difficult to fill, but it bleed very quickly and I'm happy with the look of it.

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