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A10 5800k temps

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What temps are you guys seeing with the stock cooler? Im wondering specifically about temperatures in a HTPC size case, but Ill take whatever numbers I can get.
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I'm at 4.0 Ghz and my iGPU is overclocked to about 900Mhz. My temps are usually around 49C at idle and highest it's gotten under load is 64C. When I had my iGPU around 1000Mhz, it was getting to 69C so I dropped it to 900Mhz.
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Using a heatpiped fx cooler, I was getting 58C in openhardwaremonitor doing science on all cores/gpu (cpu not 100% load all the time from gpu units) @ 4.2cpu/1013gpu, consuming about 140w at the wall. Gaming with 2 threads on science would bring it up to 60-62c with the same setup. Coretemp vs ohwm temps were similar with coretmp units having a faster response and didnt register gpu into heat, while ohwm is a more stable temp that seems to reflect gpu load/temps as well.
I'm now sitting at ~215w at wall so my current temps aren't relevant, nor is the cooling. wink.gif Form factor is though.
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OH I forgot to state my PC case. It's sort of an HTPC but not really..
Kinda ugly but it had a rebate lols
I'm on a MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 mobo
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