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my current setup is a z68 mobo with i5-2500k, hyper evo cooler. I have 3 monitors. One is getting video from the onboard HD3000, while the other two monitors are connected via DVI and HDMI to my GTX460. Everything runs fine until I start doing stuff and I'm not sure if it's the graphics card or a ram/cpu issue or both.

First off, I have almost 3gb (2500-2900 gb) of ram being used at idle. With no applications open. I did windows optimization and task manager shows nothing really outstanding. it had Windows desktop manager running at 130k so I disabled aero theme and did not make much of a difference.

Now I use VMWare. When I have 2 virtual machines running, my ram is being used 80%, and I have 12gb of ddr3 1333mhz running. CPU is being used anywhere from 40-70%. This is JUST the vmware. If i open chrome and do some heavy multibrowsing and watch videos, etc. ram is taken up to 85%, CPU sometimes hit 100% and there's "not responding" issues. the vmware screen turns black, I get the windows spinning wheel, switching between windows is unresponsive, etc.

Is this a ram or cpu issue or more graphics? Because i also get graphics that shut down as well, like all 3 monitors will turn black and flicker and then resume. I'm not sure why it does that? I monitored graphics memory and it doesn't seem like it hits more than 600mb out of the 768mbs I have. The gtx460 is overclocked too at around 850mhz.

I dont know if I shoul be wasting money on a graphics card if that's not the problem. I already ordered more ram (one of my mobo slots are DOA) and only have 3 slots so I'll have (2) 8gb sticks and (1) 4gb stick for a total of 20gb which should be enough.
CPU is already overclocked at 3.8ghz but nothing but multiplier in bios changed to 38x.

Will stressing and shooting up the overclock to 4.5ghz or somewhere around there make a huge improvement in my CPU? 2 VMware machines are taking up so much CPU resources.. 50-70%. The computer becomes a brick when i try to do anything else like Windows media center on my other screen to watch my DVR.

Last question, I already have a gtx460. thinking instead of buying something lke a gti560ti or gtx650 or whatever the new ones are, getting an used gtx460 and running both in SLI. Is 2 GTX460s better than 1 of the 2gb memory graphics cards that are somewhat recently released?

Any help appreciated.