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Cant use Gigabye 7870 Before OS install.

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Im new to building pcs and am hitting a wall maybe you guys could help or at least point me in the right direction? biggrin.gif

I just built a new pc (specs at bottom) and haven't begun to install windows 7. Everything works fine, passes post and goes to Bios with the integrated graphics processor . As soon as I install my Gigabyte 7870 the monitor goes straight to sleep mode and I'm stuck. I have tried deactivating the integrated graphics processor as well as setting the pci express slot as my main but still no luck. Is the 7870 something that I can install after I finish installing windows 7 or should it still be able to work properly beforehand. The thing is I don't want to install Windows 7 and figure out that I'm still unable to use my 7870.

CPU - INTEL CORE I5 3570K 3.4G
Motherboard - GIGABYTE|GA-Z77-D3H
Memory - 4Gx2 MUSHKIN 996770 DDR3 1333
Monitor -Samsung S24B350HL 24" Class Widescreen LED
Cooler - CM Hyper 212 EVO
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Is your 7870 installed in the first PCIe 16x slot? All PCIe cables connected firmly?
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Where is the monitor plugged in, and with what type of cable?

You powered down the system, installed the card in the first PCIe slot, moved the monitor cable from the integrated graphics port on the motherboard to the 7870, then powered back up -- and at this point, you have a blank screen, no BIOS, motherboard splash screen, nothing?

Are you sure the card is good? Have you tried it in any other build, or a different GPU in the one you're staging now?
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I installed the 7870 in the first PCIe 16x slot and the Card was pretty snug in the pcie slot

I tried both the D-sub port and HDMI on the mother board and tried the HDMI on the 7870 (powered down before switching), all went to sleep mode once 7870 was installed

Unfortuantly i dont have another card so I cant test whether or not the card is defective, although the fans are spinning so at least its getting power from the psu
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And you connected the two PCIe power cables to the card as well?

Do you have another monitor to try? I had an instance one time years back where a Samsung panel wouldn't fire up off of a GPU until Windows started (no BIOS banner) -- it was an ATI All-in-Wonder X800XL. Just anecdotal, but I've seen it happen.
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