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Hey everyone,.

This question only concerns the overclocking of the Asus MATRIX Platinum specific card.

So, there are these 10 + and - buttons on the card adding 0.125v by 10 jumps of 0.0125.

I don't really get how this works, in addition to the voltage control done with the Tweak GPU software.
When I hit +, the overvoltage is NOT displayed on the screen monitoring voltage.
The Vcore on the soft can only be triggered by using the soft, or at least can only be seen as being triggered by.using the soft.

- So given that the soft allows for a 1.15v max Vcore, the 10 buttons allow for an ADDITIONAL 0.125v to the 1.15v, for a crazy total of 1.275v max? (Yes - I know it's crazy to hit 1.2v if you're not on water and go for an extreme OC - and more than 1.2 is for LN2 users).
In which case, I think a modded BIOS would be necessary as I think the BIOS won't allow past 1.2v, but I know that the MSI Lightning and the Asus Matrix both can hit past 1.25v through a modded BIOS for LN2 users.

- OR, do the 10 buttons operate in the same range than the soft allows for?
In which case, for example, what is my effective voltage if I hit, say, 4 jumps on the card, and set 1.1v in the soft - what voltage is being effectively delivered, as the voltage bumps of the card are not displayed in the software? 1.1v, OR stock + 4 x 0.0125, OR 1.1v + 4 x 0.0125?

This is all very confusing to me... is there a Matrix owner who can help me?
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