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I've had my 920 OC'd to 3,6ghz for almost a year now, but I had to reset my CMOS because of a problem with the system date.

Anyway, the settings are now reverted to the default 2,67 ghz and I can't make the chip overclock again. I do the standard increase in ratio and BCLK, but when I go to the advanced tab on my bios to see the speed, it's still at the default settings. They almost seem "greyed out". Now, I know these settings are supposed to update as you overclock - without saving the settings via F10.

If I try to save, I get an "overclock failed" when I reboot. Most likely this is because there's a mismatch of settings somewhere. The AI Tweaker (OC) page in the bios is telling me one thing, but the CPU overview is telling me something else.

I tried flashing to the latest version of the bios, no help. I'm on an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 mobo.

Anyone seen this before?