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I want to get rid of my unstable, non-overclock friendly OEM mobo that hosts my i7 920. However, I simply can not find motherboards for the skt1366 platform that wont cost me the same as just upgrading to another socket. I plan on getting a new mobo+CPU altogether next year, but right now I'm going to use my budget to get an SSD, a new GPU (probably a 7850) and get 8gb of ram (up from 3).

Bottom line is... I need an x58 mobo for around the 100 euro mark, give or take, so far I have only found a Sapphire Pure Black at 125€ (with SATA III 6Gbps which is a plus since Im getting an SSD) and an MSI Pro-E X58 at 95€. Ill be willing to look at used/refurbished boards if they're in good condition, note that it must ship to europe.
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