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Hey everyone. So im looking at getting a laptop for school. Im a geography student that does a lot of work with computers (gis work, like a geographers version of adobe). Im looking right now at getting an asus zenbook ux32vd-dh71. The computer comes wit a fairly slow hdd and a 24gb ssd cache. Ive been reading forums and it sounds like putting an ssd in there is a pain in the @$$ due to both drivers as well as finding an iso of nonpro windows 8. I am okay with having a hdd inside it instead of an ssd simply due to sheer storage capacity. Its the speed that i am worried about for my workflow

I was wondering whether it would be faster to work off the internal 5200rpm hard drive or a ssd in a usb3 enclosure. Or even off of a 7200 rpm external usb3 drive?

Its probably a stupid question, its just something that I've never even really thought about before.

Looking forward to your replies. Thanks