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Here is my latest Furmark score. Just 200 short of a 7970 at 925/1375 and over 300 higher than a 680 and a different 7970. I'm not really sure how much to trust those numbers though because of the variance in the two 7970s (20% powertune difference could explain it I guess).

Current settings are:

Core voltage: 1250 mV
Power limit: +20%
Core Clock: 1200 MHz
Memory Clock: 1400 MHz

If I move the memory speed higher it seems to cause Windows 8 to freeze up with a striped screen which is only fixed by me holding down the power button frown.gif

edit ยป again. Now the score is 800 higher which puts it 600 above the 7970 in the comparison chart and 500-900 below the 6970 CF.
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