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Originally Posted by Frozenoblivion View Post

Disadvantage of PWN. You need specific fan controllers. You can buy a fan controller to controll fans independently.
Most all PWM fans can be voltage controlled just like 3pin fans when plugged into 3pin controllers? smile.gif
3 pins. . . . = . . . . rpm signal/12v power/earth and voltage is changed to change fan speed.
4pins = PWM signal/rpm signal/12v power/earth and power is pulsed to change fan speed.
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I use all PWM fans of same rpm range and control them all using PWM signal from CPU fan socket on motherboard. All idle and rev up with CPU demand for cooling.
If I change to a new GPU with PWM fan control I will use it's PWM signal to run some of the case fans.. Than as GPU gets hotter and increases RPM case fans will increase too.
My reasoning is CPU and GPU are the major heat sources in case and therefore major users of cool intake air and major source of hot exhaust air. If case air movement is synchronized to CPU/GPU demand system will be quiet when demand is low and increase in as load and heat increase.
Cooling on demand with only as much noise as need to keep things cool. thumb.gif
I don't have to remember to adjust fan controller before I put computer to work.. or need to get up to adjust them later when work is done and I'm watching a movie.
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What do you use to hook all fans up to one header? Some sort of splitter I'm assuming? How many fans can you safely run off of 1 header?
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Yes, a PWM splitter with molex or sata power connection.
Swiftech 8-way is the best. Gelid are second best.


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What if my case fans are only 3 pin -- does that mean they can't be regulated via the motherboard?

I have a Bitfenix Prodigy with 2x120mm fans and 1x230mm fans. I would have to double check, but I'm pretty sure all 3 are 3-pin.
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Then PWM splitter will not work.
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I've been doing a little reading online.

Would something like this work?


It seems as though this would use the PWM signal from the mobo to vary the voltage to the 3 pin fans, no?
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Sorry, it only supplies 12v power to all fans plugged into it.
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