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Antec Kuler H20 920

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Hi all,

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I have recently purchased an Antec Kuler H20 920 and it contains the non colour fixtures
The problem I am facing is as follows:

I have installed the back plate ( using socket 1155) succesfully but when I attach the front rig plate and secure it using the provided ( recomended longer) screws, the rig plate does not secure fully with the screws tightened fully. You can push the rig plate and the back motherboard plate moves. Will this issue go away after installing the actual cooler using the locking mechanism ?

I worried that if I install the cooler and lock the mechnism the rig plate will still continue to move and I will need to reapply the thermal paste

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I had the same thing with my H50

Once you get the block on top and lock it in place it all tightens up. It'll be fine

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