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Improving and maybe fixing Zowies mousewheel.

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I've had 5 Zowie mice, wheres only 2 have had perfect mousewheels (no skipping). 2 out of the 3 was Zowie EC 2 eVo Black, and both got the same problem (the scrollwheel got out of the center). After returning and ditching some of the mice I've now only 2 left with perfectly working scrollwheels. Seeing how the construction of the scrollwheel is: plastic scraping against more plastic and plastic scraping against a metal ball, I thought that there was room for some improvement. So I disassembled the mouse, opened the wheels mechanics and put grease into it, put everything back together. Man, the wheels runs so very smooth now!
But when I assembled the second mouse I ran into some problems. The wheel was not off-axis and did hardly register at all, it worked if I pressed it from the side so it was back in center. "Crap!, Not this **** again! It's totally unusable now". So after thinking that the mouse is ruined, I did everything I could in order to mend it, as I already thought that it was broken I had nothing to lose. As I noticed that the wheel was off-axis I knew that something wasn't right, so I did my best in order to fix it so it was in center again, but no, No success. I took the wheel out of the mouse and then I saw that the black stick that holds everything together wasn't pushed all the way inside the plastic wheel. There was a air-pocket that keept me from pushing it all the way in on the first try, so I pushed harder this time, and with the sound of the air being forced out of the gap the stick finally bottomed the hole in the wheel assembly. I put the whole thing back into the mouse and the wheel as in center as before and it has registered every scroll since I fixed it smile.gif So maybe this is the common issue when the scrollwheel does not always register.

And also, if you want a stepless scroll, you can simply remove the springs and the ball in the scroll, making it spin without any "steps".

Here you can see both the AM and EC wheel, they are identical other than the outer rubber, and I think the AM has softer springs. On the AM wheel you can see where the black stick is inserted and where I got a "air pocket" that ruined my scroll.

Here you can see the "whole" wheel disassembled and where I put the grease smile.gif

Sorry for my bad english, and bad pictures smile.gif
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I have had 2 out of 3 EC eVos have scroll wheel issues. The EC as far as I remember wasn't originally designed to have the Zowie AM's scroll wheel. The shell doesn't appear to be able to keep the scroll wheel shaft from moving upward as it does in the AM. Thereby causing scroll issues. Simple assembly can result in issues as well.

From my experience the EC shell needs to be changed in the scroll wheel area and the side button area as I had issue there also.

In the pictures posted you can see that the scroll wheel has two springs that give the user feedback. One spring is for downward scrolls and the other is for upward scrolls. These springs can apply different pressure to the wheel making scrolls feel different. So every mouse can have a different feeling scroll wheel and the same mouse can have different upward and downward feelings with this design.

If the factory doesn't apply enough lubrication to the bearing and bumps inside the wheel the scroll wheel will feel stiff because of the friction. The AM I own didn't have enough lubrication inside the wheel so I cleaned it and applied more to give a smoother scroll. I also switched the springs around because one of them gave a smoother feeling.

The design is pretty durable but I think it could be refined.
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