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TATH \ Caselabs TH 10 + Pedestal "Hill 7.9"

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Starting with my build of a copy of the build by Singularity Computers Beast II.
After finishing the build i found out that i need a bigger case.
Now its time for a bigger system.
The name off the buildlog is "Hill 7.9" named after my tour in the middle east "long long time ago 34 years" (Whe forgot the time not the moments).

Marjor parts for this build:
- 6 x ssd Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb (need at least 2 more) raid o
- 1 x WD 2 TB ECO Green
- 1 x WD 1,5 TB
- Asus Rampage IV extreme Asus IV Black edition
- Intel LGA 2011 i7 -4930K
- 2 x Asus Titans 6GB
- Asus Sonar STX soundcard
- Case Caselabs TH10
- 2 x EK X4 memory waterblock nickel plexi CSQ
- 1 x EK Full cover waterblock "for the black edition"Nickel plexi CSQ
- 2 x Caselabs pedestel
- 4 x Aqua Computer D5 pomps with USB and Aquabus interface.
- 4 x Aqua Computer Aqualis pomp tops
- 1 x Bitspower Duall pomptop
- 4 x XSPC RX 480 rads.
- 2 x Aquero 6 Pro
- 16 x 120 mm Noiseblocker PL-PS
- 19 x 120 mm Noiselocker PL-2
- 5 x 140 mm Noiseblocker PK-3

- 2 x Aqualis ECO 880ml res.
- 2 x Corsair AX1200i
- 2 x Icydock MB994SP-4SB-1
- 1 x LSI 9260 8i raidcard (made in china biggrin.gif
- 8x 4 gb Corsair Dominator GT 2133mhz.


1. Old system \ New System Link
2. Mounting Noiseblocker PL-PS fans on XSPC RX 480 radiator Link
3. Mounting Bitspower Dual pomptop on the XSPC RX 480 radiator Link
4. Installing Koollance waterblocks on the EVGA 580GTX Link
5. Installing Bitspower 150ml res on Bitspower pomptop Link
6. Build in the other 3 XSPC RX 480 radiators Link
7. Install. last 2 WB on the GTX 580 \ install. WB on the MB. Link
8. Linking all waterblocks on MB with Bitspower fittings Link
9. Wiring the system up with the Corsair AX1200 Link
10. First leak test the system Link
11. Result leak test \ and warning Link
12. First problems "gr......." Link
13. Replacing the Vertex 2 for a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb Link
14. Bootproblem solved "i think" Link
15. More parts for the build Link
16. First signs off insanity "bought my first pedestel" Link
17. Assembeling pedestel\ install. first rad. Link
18. Measuring out template for making a sidecover pedestel Link
19. More fans for the build "Noiseblocker PL-2" Link
20. Cleaning Rads\ Receiving lasercut cover Ped. Link
21. Mounting first 8 fans in Ped. Link
22. Installing last 8 fans in Ped. Link
23. More parts "Aqualis" yes yes Link
24. First making PA2's mount for Ped. Link
25. Dismantle system for "Hill 7.9" Link
26. New frontplates\ and WB for the 2 Aquero's 5 Link
27. First setup Ped. Link
28. Bling bling casters for the Ped\ Mod Aqualis. Link
29. First wiring for the PA2's Link
30. Better Aquabus cables for the PA2's Link
31. New Aqualis pomp tops. Link
32. Mounting pompmount and res in case. Link
33. Moddification Aqualis base. Link
34. Lighting up the reservoirs. Link
35. Vinylwrab pompbracket \ Making sidepanel Ped. Link
36. Disaster strike "braking sidepanel mad.gif" Link
37. 2e sidepanel finished. Link
38. 1e sidepanel finished biggrin.gifLink
39. Benchtesting PL-PS fans. Link
40. First power harnes top fans. Link
41. Benchmark fans with bigger psu. Link
42. Connecting things up in Ped. Link
43. Making of the lightpanel. Link
44. Ledcontroller lightpanel. Link
45. Making acrylic top lightpanel. Link
46. Cutting the top Acryl of my lightpanel. Link
47. Drilling extra holes in the case for the cables. Link
48. Opaal Acryl for the lightpanel. Link
49. Testing fans in Ped. with the Pa2's. Link
50. Bleu leds for the PA2 bracket. Link
51. Wiring the Aqualis 880ml res with bleu leds. Link
52. Paintspraying the pomp- and res. brackets "matt black". Link
53. Sleeving wires left res. Link
54. Crystal links between the pomps. Link
55. First acryl front panel \ new rubber dampers for pomps. Link
56. Drill instruction 3mm modsmart led. Link
57. More work on acryl front panel inside. Link
58. First clear acryl block for Aqua flow device. Link
59. Mounting Aqua flow device to acryl plate. Link
60. More holes for cables in TH10. Link
61. Working on acryl back plate. Link
62. Pomp mounting frontside. Link
63. Leak testing front pomps. Link
64. Routing first loop. Link
65. Leds for MB EK waterblocks "bling bling". Link
66. Light up that MB. Link
67. Changing crystal link pompconnection. Link
68. First Asus Titan "what is wrong" rolleyes.gif. Link
69. XSPC Razor Waterblocks for the Titan. Link
70. Mounting clear acryl PA2 mount to panel. Link
71. New panel because changing place BP duall pomp. Link
72. Situation now "photo shoot" gunner2.gif . Link
73. Planning acrylic motherboard panel. Link
74. Black box\ Anti cyclone Aqualis \ Mount right res. Link
75. Where do i put that psu. Link
76. Making bottom piece for BP duall pomp top. Link
77. Mounting bottom pice on BP duall pomp top. Link
78. Finish top for BP duall pomp top. Link
79. Polishing Black box with car cleaner. Link
80. Planning tilted motherboard. Link
81. New power harnes for top set PA2's. Link
82. Color diagram USB Connector. (thanks Scott) . Link
83. Hinges for the tilted MB-tray. Link
84. Thoughts angle tilted MB. Link
85. Waste of time "making disaster led frame" rolleyes.gif. Link
87. Making front clear window panel. Link
88. New tools \ new lightpanel frame. Link
89. Mounting XSPC Razor WB on Asus Titans. Link
90. Making new backplate for the MB. Link
91. First cut on backplate for the MB. Link
92. Rivid holes and painspraying backplate. Link
93. Backplate finished\ new led strips. Link
94. Ledstrip finished \ panels lightpanel back in. Link
95. New quick disconnects from Koollance \ more BP stuf. Link
96. Turn table to work on case\ acryl panel MB. Link
97. Working on fanholes frontside. Link
98. New acryl tops for Aqua pomps. Link
99. Acryl cover strips for edge window (inside). Link
100. Panel mod. because new Aquaro's 6. Link
101. Making acryl cover for front panel. Link
102. More work on front panel. Link
103. Building in leds front panel. Link
104. Removing the AQ5's and refitting the loop in Ped. Link
105. Working on tubing Ped. Link
106. cover quick diskconnects \ leds front panel. Link
107. installing second Ped. Link
108. System back in the house. Link
109. working on leds for front window. Link
110. Powercable leds finished. Link
111. Mod. leds front window. Link
112. Working on back cover moterboard tray Link
113. Purchase 2 x Icydock MB994SP-4SB-1 (+test link from LSI 9260 8i) Link
114. Receive my new ICY DOCKS MB994SP-4SB-1 Link
115. Got my LSI raidcard and on of the Corsair Dominator GT kits Link
116. Making support tread MB \ Sata holes in cover link
117. Aquaero 5 pro and Aquero 6 pro Link
118. Changing out the frontcovers between Aquero's 5 and 6 Link
119. 24 pin cover finished Link
120. Sata cover finished Link
121. New Pedestel cover for AQ + ICY DOCK Link
122. Paintspray pedestel cover Link
123. Mounting psu Link
124. Tubing up the front and installing Titans Link
125. Sleeving the 24 pin cable. Link biggrin.gif
126. New window for the TH10 Link
127. New Asus Xonar STX soundcard link
128. Cable sewing tutorial Link
129. Fanhole for the Corsair AX1200i psu in the backpanel Link
130. Pinouts 24pin cable corsair Ax1200i Link
131. Making cover backside motherboard tray \ and birthday Link
132. Small acrylic cover for backside cover motherboardtray Link
133. View backside "window is to small" Link
134. Try out making cable gutter pedestel Link
135. Result try out cable gutter rolleyes.gifLink
136. Drawing wiring cables system Link
137. Modification panel (fan hole cpu) to tree fan holes Link
138. Mounting 3 x 140mm fans in modificated panel pedestel Link
139. Clear panel foor in pedestel Link
140. New made cable cover pedestel Link
141. More work at the cable cover in the pedestel Link
142. Making support bracket for double D5 pumps at the back Link
143. Leak testing system Link
144. Flowdrop problem in system Link
145. More modifications pffffff Link
146. modifications part 2 Link
147. Different temp sensors and system running Link
148. in attempt to solf flow problem changed the cpu block Link
149. After bad result "changing tube for hose" changed al the hose for tubes again Link
150. Flow problem solved + youtube film Link
151. system running and planning what to do more Link
152. changing tubing pgu loop front side Link
153. spagetti western "building in ledstation" Link
154. New clear floorpanel after rebuild hard tubing pedestel Link
155. after shorten cables system testrun Link
156. Made first drawing for bendingtable 12mm tubing Link
157. After pooking around in build system wil not boot mad.gifLink
158. Rebuild system and modifications Link
159. New place pomps at the back Link
160. Extra cooling raid card and change tubing between gpu's Link
161. repaint job panel pedestel \ mounting usb hubs\ modification cable cover pedestel Link
162. new sleeving for the original usb cables Link
163. New hard tubing between MB and res Link biggrin.gif
164. 21-2-2017 cover made for my Aqualis pomptops Link
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Looks promising! Anything CaseLabs makes for a fun build. thumb.gif
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My first system case was a Corsair 800D "great case but a little bit small on the back side for the wiring" :

Case 800D
Processor i7 3820 overclockt to 4,6 Ghz
Ram 16 G of Dominator GT 2000Mhz
Disk 2 x OCZ vertex 2 120Gb in raid 0
Screen Eizo S2000
Keyboard Logitech G510
Mouse G9
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits
CPU Corsair 1200

My current rig:

Case Caselabs Th10
Processor i7 3930K
Ram 4 x 2Gb of Dominator GT 2000Mhz (waiting for exanche for other set)
Disk 2 x OCZ vertex 2 (currently running system on 1 disk ) disk wil be exchanged for the samsung 840 256Gb
Screen still the same Eizo S2000 (1600 x 1200) also gona be exchanged in 2013 for a 30"
Mouse and keybord the same

I will upload the foto's of my first update (installing 4 of the 16 fans)

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2e update

I will show you the case "witch i buy on the site of Caselabs USA" love the case.
after i received my first radiators i cleant them and if you can see there is still som residu left in the radiator.
I started to instal the fans on the radiators. the first fans took me a little while becouse it was the first one and i got to get used to do
this. The other ones went on match quicker.

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3e update

I was placing the pump mounds on the radiator for the pump. When i received the moubds i noticed i had the wrong ones so i had to modify them by cutting them and exchange the strip for mounting the Bitspower pumptop" i made the strip just a little bit longer so i had enough room for the pump kabels witch i sleeved before.
I will spray them before i mounting them.

On the last picture you will see the bitspower reservoir without the mod kit.
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4e updated

I sprayed the strips for the pump mounts.
I also started with mounting my new watherblocks for my old EVGA GTX 580. You will notice that without dust filters on your case the cards will pick up afther a while a lot of dust. With a You tube movie from installing the watherblock and the paper instruction from Koollance i started with screwing out the srews of my GTX 580's until i cam a little bit further on the instruction where i was reading the following "now you can split the cart in 2 pieces "Yes but that was after i did screw out the other 18 screws first" pffffff

Sorry for my bad Englisch but i'm Dutch

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subd. i wanted NBs on my RX480, but couldn't afford them frown.gif . Are they everything you ever wanted in a fan tongue.gif
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When you complete this mate it will be epic. I have been watching singularity beast II videos (he is up to part 18 smile.gif ) and it is absolutely brilliant. Good luck with it mate and keep the progress pics coming.
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5e update

I started to mounting the modkit 150 form bitspower to the bitspower pomptop. Ans i also mounted the draining system with the Bitspower F-block who i bought on the site from FrozenPC because i was not able tho get it from my dutch surplier on the time. The shipping cost where 3 times the cost of the block.
Because of posible staining of the tube i bought the new Tygon E-1000 hose. I changed i later for the Tygon R3603 because i felt that the hose wasn't close enaugh connecting to the bitspower connector to the radiator.

My desk looked like a workshop

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