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Update 81 "pump and res mounting \ preperation for leak test one loop"

Slowly i notice progress. The color of the pump brackets are oke now. I put the bracket on the rubber vibration dampers. I notice that the bent easaly. "I think i do a test if al the tubes dont leak before i close the back".
Forgot to take this picture again beacuse i took som pictures out of my hand and of course bad unsharp pictures like this one. If i wanted to show a better picture i have to dismount it again "no i aint going to do it".

Wel this picture i do like. Just one more connection to make between the res and first pump.
Maybe tomorrow.

The loop coming back in the middle of the res. There is one connection left on the left side of the res. I am thinking about using that one to drain (both) the res. before the pumps. I also have to make a way to fill both reservoirs from the top.

Stil see dust. I brush the case avery time i work on it to keep the dust out.

Still enough room for the pump cables "alarm, temp, aquabus and USB"

Tomorrow i start later because i have to bring my daughter (23) to rotterdam airport. She flying to france to my parents in law for 10 days "34 degrees and the pool is waiting".

See you tomorrow again thumb.gifthumb.gif
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Enjoy your building Henry and I am going to the beach in mexico for 10 days. then disney world with the children. I am your age and still have small children. Enjoy your buildand the conversation. I feel a lot better because I finally have figured out how to crimp and sleeve my cables... biggrin.gif
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Good morning Scott,

Thats good news. I always take a while to figger out how those things work. I did one power harness twice because i didn't like the first one. And i trow away a few pins. Lucky i can see that i have a few in my box.
Disneyland Parish i always pas that when i go to my parents in law "the live in the dordogne (24250) in a village cald St. Cybranet". Enjoy your holliday and see you soon on the buildlog again. Greatings to your wife from me. thumb.gifthumb.gif
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Update 82 "Leak testing"

Came back home today from the Firestation. Did a extra shift for my second Titan 7 more to go.

So back to the build. To day i wanted to do a leak test for the front pumps and res.
I made a few connections to close the short loop.
I had to connect a valve to drain in cas off. No i'm finish with the test i ask myself why dont i put the valve at the back for the test.
I fill up the res from the top of the res. Little space to work in. So mayby a extra fillport in the top.
I used a 550 Watt PSU. Now the same thing hapens again "Power, no power, power, no power. I had it previously. I solve that problem last time by putting a other PSU in the case (700 watt coolermaster) . The problem is its in use now in my spare case. So for testing this one have to do the job.

Disaster strike when i see a drop of fluid at the horizontal tube between the pumps. I had to replace it.
It took me a while "measuring filing". When i put the tube back the fitting started leaking. Grrrrrrrrr........,
I dont gave up. I had to tiden the 90 degree rotary a little bit more. No more leaks. "That is the good news".

Sorry for the clumsy film "had the camera turnt and i cant change it"....


Tomorrow i drain the reservoir again because i have to work on the back.

I made a small film on the testing but i have to fin out how to upload it. redface.gif
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Looking good Henry but so is mexico pretty girls, good drinks (free) and pretty water.
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Update 83 "fillport for the first loop "motherboard" and other things".

Got a few hours to work on my case. Outside its 28 degree and i'm sitting in my workshop (next time i take the ventilator to the back for cooling me).

Today i drilt a few holes for the tread in the acrylic and the fillport for the first loop. Not mutch work.
I did the same on the panel below the motherboard. I still have to make a few holes for the usb cables below and on the toppanel a few holes for the power cable and the leds for the cooling blocks.
I also made a plan for the route of the cooling for the motherboard. From the fillport it goos in to the motherboard and then you can follow the route back to the res here it comes back in the middle port (shower effect). I put a small piece of tube at the last connection to show where i make the connection to the res again.

So not mutch but still progress.

The first route coms in at the fillport and then down to the mem. from there you can follow the route.
The horizontal tube is just to show the route. I have to wait for my first Titan to arrive next week then i now how i can install the last pieces of the tubing. I forget to mention the route behind the panel (to the pedestel and the drainage of the first loop). I'm going to make a few holes in the motherboard watherblocks so i can put a few leds (3mm) in them.

I will also cut out the mesh from the fan at the left and the mesh below. I'm going to put 4 40mm noiseblocker fans there and one Noiseblocker PL-2 on one power harnes wich i put behind a crylic plate (going to port 4 of the Aquero).

And yes still the protection film on the panel "till i finish drilling holes".

Next week i put a order out for another 200 euro's on small stuff (did not mention that i cant find my flowe guige any more gr.......... thats a extra 40 euro).

So that for today thumb.gif
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You going to cut the mesh on the back of the case? I would think it would help with support, and air will pass through as is.....or am I missing something?
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Originally Posted by mandrix View Post

You going to cut the mesh on the back of the case? I would think it would help with support, and air will pass through as is.....or am I missing something?

Hi Mandrix, do you mean trying before cutting. Now i think about it i give it a try.
Still have to make a few holes for the 4 40mm fans on the vertical mesh (wrong on the acrylic plate).

Thanks Mandrix " I'm back on track again"
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Well, I just meant I would try mounting the fans before cutting anything. I think there is plenty of open area for air movement through the mesh as long as the fans can mount....and after all the 40mm fans are basically for looks anyway. One 120mm fan will do more than they will. wink.gif
Did cpachris cut his out?
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Nope. I ordered mine with the fan holes instead of the mesh. And yes....one 120mm fan will do MUCH more than these little beauties. But they are fun anyway. smile.gif
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