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Need help with an MSI AMD 2GB 7850 Twin Frozr III

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So my card arrived. Not being completely naive and stupid before purchasing a used card I made damn sure it could RMA'd before I dropped the money. My issues are complicated and I need to pick the collective brain of the OC forums community.

-After a clean Windows 8 install (and before as well) the card suffers from driver crashes at MSI default clocks (900/1200). If I under clock to 825/1125 the card will run games and 3D Mark 11 just fine.-

- Temps are great 30C on idle 55C under load.

- Because temps are great my first thought was to up the voltage. Problem is I am given no option in MSI afterburner for this. Please let me know of any program that might give the option to.

Basically I just want to see if there is a problem with the card I can fix without an RMA. My other theory involves the bios but id rather not go there.

Any help, suggestions, or links are greatly appreciated...

*** Still looking for help, but I've done a bit more troubleshooting. I double checked I was on the 30 amp rail, so I very much doubt it is the power supply. But I noticed something strange. When I'm getting close to load the card only ever seems to be drawing 1.074 volts. I'm convinced that if I could find a way to up the voltage I could get 900/1200 stable but I'm really surprised as to why it's doing this. Was this ever an issue with these cards?

Anyway I'm still looking to get her working without an RMA so any advice any of you might have is greatly appreciated.

****************SO in what has to be the absolute strangest problem I have ever encountered with a piece of technology I've purchased and lamented over, the issue is voltage.

This card for no remotely justifiable reason I can even begin to figure out, when left on it's own, will draw no more than 1.075 volts. No matter what.

If I download the only utility that allows me to overvolt this card (GPU Tweak for those of you also lamenting your purchase), and set the card to 1.088 volts (y'know the voltage it's supposed to be at), this card becomes completely, 100%, rock solid stable.

I seriously cannot stop laughing right now. You see, what this means is, the only way to permanently fix this card properly would be to flash a bios to this card with the proper voltage set. But because the patchwork solution is so simple (yet eluded me for hours) and easy (plus, it seems the overclocking potential here is amazing considering I can't break 48C under full load even set to the stock voltage) I think I'll keep it.

What a weird, weird problem. If anyone else has it please do what I did you might find yourself laughing about it.
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Bump for weirdness.
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