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How to increase Reference Clock / bus speed?

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Currently it is 100 bus speed but I want it to be 130.
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LOL for the competition I needed to beat 128, but the benchmark is apparently #1 for my hardware so I don't know if I can increase it any more! LOL
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What hardware? All platforms behave differently. Some can go up to 700 MHz, others will crash around 104.

Or alternatively, read a review on your motherboard with an overclocking section.
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If you are referring to this submission http://hwbot.org/submission/2333855_szvwxcszxc_reference_clock_2x_z77a_g45_100_mhz you have misunderstood the concept of the contest.

The motherboard and the CPU determine the limit of the BCLK (also known as BUS or FSB speed). In order to change the BCLK, you need to adjust it in the BIOS.

When you adjust the BCLK, a lot changes. The PCIe and SATA ports speed up, as well as the memory. Some systems allow you to limit the way these features speed up, but some do not. Thus you end up being limited to the worst part of your system.

With your processor, the i7-3770K, the top score for BCLK is around 115 MHz on LN2. For your motherboard, as you are the only person to submit a score with it, you are first for your motherboard. But you are very low for your CPU.

The contest you speak of has people with lots of different platforms. For example, Sandy Bridge-E processors have settings so people can jump to 125 MHz or 166 MHz. In fact only 1% of processors can do 166 MHz, it becomes a limitation.

Overclocking is all about learning the hardware, finding which is commonly found to be the best, and then gaining experience to test your own. Some people spend as much on overclocking as some people do on cars. It's a hobby. There are people in the community who have purchased 50-100+ of the same type of processor and tested them all to get the best.

Overclocking: 60% hardware, 30% knowledge, 10% luck. Or something like that. At the top end it may be 85/12/3, and those 3% luck points are very important if you're maxing out the other two.
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