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Hi all,
I'm going to be getting my Case Labs in a few weeks but I have some questions that would help me in deciding which case to get. I can't think of a better place to ask them than this thread.

1. I was set on the MH-10 for the longest time but I don't see anyone in 74 pages of thread that has one. Is there a reason for that? It seems like a good case. I notice most people go with the TH-10 if they are going for the bigger case.

2. If I order the reverse atx option is the case reversed/mirrored so the motherboard side of the case is on the right side looking at it from the front? If so, does that pose a problem with the power supply being "upside down"? I mean as far as the exhaust fan on the psu.

3. Can a optical drive be placed on the psu side of the case? I had assumed so until I saw some photos here that shows just fan mount holes in the front. Is that removable or part of the case?

4. How secure is the pedestal? I mean how does it attach to the base of the case itself? I have been planning on dropping in two quad 140mm rads with a Koolance RP-452X2 res mounted in the pedestal. I was then going to run the water lines to a cover plate for the bottom of the case and put some quick disconnects. Is that feasible? I mean getting to the disconnects to actually take the case off the pedestal to work on the water cooling area without it taking two men and a boy to lift the case and another to reach in and unhook the disconnects.

I have a lot of other questions but I don't want to write a book here smile.gif Thanks for any feedback I can get on this.