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The Xigmatek Asgard 381

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I was one of the lucky three that won the new Asgard 381 and I'm going to give my opinion of it. I apologize if this is very short but I don't have a PC to build in this case just yet as I'm waiting on Intel to release Haswell.

The Asgard 381 is currently listed for $46 shipped on newegg. (I got the black version)


+ Lots of fan mounts, 8 in total.

+ Good cable management.

+ CPU cutout.

+ Fan filter sheets on the front panel and the bottom of the case which are the only spots you should have intake fans installed.

+ Excellent front panel design, it easily pops off and since the front panel connections are separate you don't have to worry about damaging them when you remove the front panel to clean your filter.

+ Black interior. It's somewhat common now but it was only found on decently expensive cases a few years ago. It looks great.

+ Around 15mm of room behind the motherboard tray. I would have liked more but you should be able to fit everything with out too much cursing.


~ The front panel design is a bit on the "gamer" side of things. Some people might not like that but I think it's fine and not overdone.

~ The bright orange hard drive locks would look fine if Xigmatek included some of their orange fans or if I had the orange version Asgard 381 but on the black version they look out of place.


- No fans. Not one. wth.gif My only con but In my opinion its a big one as the cost of case fans can add up quickly. Your system would overheat with zero fans. Competing cases such as the Corsair 200r come with two fans and it's actually cheaper at the moment at $44 shipped after rebate.


Overall I think it's an excellent budget case that needs to have at least two fans included, one for intake and another for exhaust. I can't wait to use it in my new build thumb.gif.
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dude i wanna see some pics! thumb.gif
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Glad you enjoying it!
Thanks for the advice!!
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Another OCN user review on Asgard 381. I think I will group them up all in this post smile.gif

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Hi, I just got the same case and I have a question... along with the screws, there is a LOCK and a LOCK SCREW. I have no idea what is it for. Any idea?
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Hello eknoo, the lock and lock screw is for if you want to lock your PC
this is usually only used if its a public computer, we give you the option to add a padlock to your computer so nobody can take parts out.
hope this has helped, if you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask

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Hi frostmournez, thanks smile.gif) Your picture helps alot
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glad to be of service, enjoy smile.gif
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