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Back into my phone!

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After having a slow samsung fascinate (galaxy s1) for the past year I just purchased a Droid Razr M. Really liking it so far, but I've been out of the loop on smartphones/android for awhile. Anyone recommend some must have apps?

Right now what I did was disable all bloatware from Verizon besides the two I couldn't I think I'll need Titantium Back up Pro (yes/no?) to freeze them so they don't show in the app drawer.

I also downloaded a awesome app called Light Flow. Chages the LED indicator light.

My favorite game is from my old phone, still have it. Its called Spirit HD. Any good free games that push the limits of the phone that look great?

I need a appl that can hide stuff, like hiding a folder of pictures unless I want it to be seen. Any ideas?

What about music? I use a ipod in my car hooked up via a rear usb input.. so i keep my ipod synced with itunes weekly. I know doubletwist can import all of my settings/playlists directly to doubletwist and then air sync to my phone or sync via cable BUT the actual app on the phone seems to be somewhat sluggish.. its also having issues with album art.

All of my music is perfectly tagged and named in itunes but the actual file tags are not properly done if theres anything that imports from itunes it would be a +
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Titanium Backup is mainly for those of us who flash custom ROMs... I doubt you'll see much use for it if you're not flashing ROMs, tbh. Even then I don't find it excessively necessary for my flashing process.

Certain launchers have the ability to hide things; I know Nova Launcher does, but you have to pay for the full "Prime" version, which is $4. I'm sure similar launchers out there have the same feature, possibly for free. Check them out, but make sure you do yourself the favor of trying each one out for ~1 week before trying out the next. Third party launchers have TONS of features compared to stock Android.

As far as music goes, I just use Play Music. I believe it can sync everything from your iTunes library, but I wouldn't know as every time I've tried iTunes I've found it to be the worst music management program in the world. As such, I have no idea if it'll properly import song titles and such... I just use mp3tag to make sure everything's ready before I dump it in my music folder for uploading to Play Music.
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I wish I had time to tag my music with mp3 tag lol. I found a app called iSyncr that works perfectly. Not sure if I'm going to change the launcher personally. The stock laucnher for my old 2.2.3 android device sucked (touchwiz) but I really like this motorola one!
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I heard the Motorola skin (motoblur? w/e... I think they changed the name at some point) is pretty good. I prefer more along the lines of standard Android with a few tweaks biggrin.gif

If you're willing to root, you could use AdAway to get rid of annoying ads in apps, but beyond that I don't really have any "must-have" apps that would be good for everyone. Lots of fun stuff on the market, just explore biggrin.gif
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Android 4.0 is so much better than my old 2.2 phone its simply amazing how polished it got in 2 years.

I've downloaded a few things, need some good games with good graphics biggrin.gif I used my phone all day, sent bout 400 texts and played one 3d game for over a hour and some tweeter checking. Battery @ 62% and I started using it at 11am, its not 1230 am.

I really love this phone, its probably 3-5mm thicker than my samsung galaxy s gen 1 phone, but that phone lost about 3mm-5mm along the sides with a very large black bezel. None of this on my razr M, its really almost the same size in my hand with a larger screen.

Motorolas stock launcher is definitely good and as close to stock AOSP android 4.1 as possible from what I can see. Everything is done right, my old samsung launcher for android 2.2 was terrible and I used go launcher, but with go laucher I had to have like 10 different apps for all there extra add ons and i think it just drained battery. AT first I really hated not having 4 buttons though, on the older android phones you had one button for home, one for back, one for extra options inside apps and then a dedicated search button.

The extra options button was to bring up settings and such for apps, now its like a small tick mark in the top right.. took forever to find out.

and I am by no means a photographer but the pictures I took with the phones camera look just as good as my old point and shoot. I can never get my point and shoot to capture my pc's lighting correctly cause its white interior with purple cold cathodes.

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Yeah, Android really came into its own with ICS.

The fact that Motorola got bought by Google earlier this year probably had something to do with the cleaner UI.

Unfortunately, my GNex's camera sucks, but I can show you a screenie biggrin.gif

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Is there anyway to change the icons WITHOUT going through a million different lauchers and themes to find what i like? I really want to keep the stock app for quick settings.

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Well, if you're willing, those toggles are available on many custom ROMs, and every ROM at 4.2 or higher will have a slightly different version. Here's one way they look on AOKP (there's another layout but I don't particularly like it)

Other than that, I have no idea as I haven't run stock since about 2 weeks after I got my phone...
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There isn't much ROM support for the droid M yet, its not really a "flagship" phone and it has a locked bootloader so everything isn't that easy. There are a bunch of alpha's but I'm not interested in being a guinea pig with this phone. Maybe I can find something else cause I want to change the icons lol.
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The whole bootloader limiting thing is absolutely ridiculous. The only people who are going to unlock a bootloader are the ones who want to flash new ROMs. That directly encourages Android development, which then encourages a flourishing ecosystem. It's the main reason I bought my GNex... straight out of the box and into ROM flashing biggrin.gif
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