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I bought the M because I usually have to keep my phone in my pocket all day, I didn't need a galaxy s3 or similar sized phone taking up my whole pocket. Its uncomfortable after awhile. The M really fits right into my hand perfectly and is only slightly larger than my old phone. Not to mention I used my phone all day and it didn't go below 50% battery.

The only reason I could see myself wanting a larger screen is for playing games, but I really don't ever time to just whip out my phone and play a game unless I'm waiting for something like a doctor visit or my girlfriend to get ready..

If I was more worried about rooting and such which I'm not ( I did it with my old phone and it was cool, but I ran into a LOT of problems finding the stuff became broken etc.) I would of gotten the droid DNA or S3 in a heartbeat. take a look at the picture, the razr m is about the size of the s3 screen. Some of the yes/no's are wrong though. The M does in fact have HDR Mode built in, and while the battery size is not as big because the M has a smaller screen it doesn't need the same size battery for just as good battery life results.
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