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Hi, first post, hope im not screwing anything up (3am here also)

So, bit of backstory i guess. After learning about the amd trinity cpu's, i really want to build myself a new mini pc. something to hook to a tv, and carry around, maybe do some light gaming on (older games mainly). I've been searching for a case for quite a while, and only a few have caught my eye. one is the Wesena cases, and the other is this Morex case, found at Logicsupply.

I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this case. One of my main concerns is the heatsink and fan on the trinity CPU's. I get worried there wont be enough clearance., for the stock cooler, or maybe even a better aftermarket one. Also, depending on what power supply i go with (because the 60w it comes with wont be enough), i might have to modify it a bit to fit some of the new connections on the pico psu's.

If anyone can provide any info about the case, i'd greatly appreciate it.