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Hello everyone. I'm going insane trying to figure out what is causing my issue.

So yesterday I was watching a movie, system was running great and suddenly my screen goes black and my system stops responding, attempted to reboot without success. So I reseated my GPU's and booted, still no dice. I changed out GPU1 for GPU2 and rebooted. System now boots with a image but when I enter the login screen it goes black and system turns unresponsive.

I did a few things from here.

Rebooted in safe mode ran a virus scan and no issue
Rebooted with safe mode and ran drivesweeper and cleaned out all old drivers
rebooted with safe mode + network and installed latest drivers
Rebooted normally and black screen returns axesmiley.png
rebooted safe mode + network Wiped drivers again, checked regisitry, cleaned regisitry, opimized it, installed Nvidia drivers from a few months ago. Reboot Still black screen madsmiley.png

Rebooted with safe mode + network, used msconfig to disable all startup applications. Rebooted, still no dice.

Tried using a restore point from a week ago, and still can't get a login screen when I have Display drivers installed. axesmiley.png

HELP! I've done everything I can friggin think of, and I still can't get this system running. About to wipe the drive, but I really really don't want to do that.

P.S. Even disabled all my OC's...Still nothing