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Yeah I currently have the 480s in PCIe slot 1 and PCIe slot 3. Which is apparently "the most optimal." And everything is functioning properly. I'm using a MSI GeForce 210 in PCIe slot 2 to power my 2 Aux monitors.
I do have a question though. When running in "surround," (off of just the 480s) is there anyway to not get the poopy desktop interface with aero snap-in utilizing the entire screen? I use the snap-in feature to maximize windows to one monitor, and it obviously doesn't function properly with how surround works and snaps it to a surround experience. I'm sorry I don't need 3 monitors dedicated to facebook!
I cannot thank you all enough for the help you have given me.

your not running surround constantly?

as for the aero issue i never got it fixed I ended up just sizing my windows to the monitor so they always popped up like that
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It should just snap to one window. But that feature came about around the time adaptive vsync was included... gtx 680 release time. if you're using 306 it should maximize to one screen. What happens when you click on maximize and not 'snap'? I also don't know how surround will act considering you have 2extra monitors but it shouldn't change anything
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Whether I use aero snap or just hit maximize it drops it to all 3 monitors. If I push it into the top left corner of my left monitor (or top corner of right monitor) it snaps to 50% of my available monitor space (occupying a monitor and a half). I can then shrink it to fit only one monitor by a simple resize but just kind of an annoyance.

Any known work arounds?

Edit: In NCP If I switch from "Span displays with Surround" to "Active all displays" it does simply that. It disables SLI (and GPU-Z confirms it) but I at least get my Aero Snap function, and can switch to surround when I want to game.
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but its too much of a hassle to keep switching... possibly a win8 issue? in win7 i have no problems with maximizing to just one monitor even with surround on... if i maximize it in the middle, it just maxes in the middle, if i max it on the side, it just maximizes on the side.

dude. there are so many things going on with your rig that im just not understanding doh.gif
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