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I own two mice.One v450 , the other M705. Both logitech.
Been noticing the common left/right click register problem on my logitech v450 mice. It isnt highlighting words properly and left click seems to register as double click occasionally and sometimes frequently.
M705 too had the same left lick issues but without highlighting issues. Dragging anything across the screen been frustrating. It would just open up instead of drag.

Look through some sites. Some suggested a simple cleaning step using contact cleaner. Since i dont possess one and the only thing hanging around is WD-40. Pried open both mice and sprayed WD-40 on the microswitches on both mices. It solved the left click issues and both mice are working great now.

Though i'm abit curious about wd-40 effect on microswitches. I noticed that the mice internals aren't dirty but pretty clean. How could wd-40 worked on them. Even it does work , would it cause problems later on?

There's some site that suggest soldering. I've debbled with mobo pcbs before, trying to replace capacitors. These solders are real stubborn ones and even with a quick soldering station, they dont budge or liquify at all under max 480c. Are these mice using the same solders on those microswitches ? If they do, i guess a more higher temp solder station is required to do the work.