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Hello everyone,
I've been having a bit of trouble with my GPU over the past week or so. I have a gtx 675m in my laptop as you could tell from the title and the core clock is 620mhz, memory is 1500. I currently have it cranked up to 725mhz and 1658mhz and the card runs at that fine. note: that is the P(0) value i have set. P(1) is 450 or 405mhz for the core clock. according to GPU-Z my overclock is holding fine and there are no problems there. The problem im having is when I am playing any video games I can never get into P(0) It jumps up to 725mhz for about 5 seconds and then drops back down into P(1) in the 400mhz range. I have tried to use the standard clock of 620 and 1500 but the same thing happens. drops down to P(1).
I have tried two different softwares so far, MSI afterburner, and nvidia inspector. Using Inspector I was able to modify the P(1) value so even when it drops down to that it doesnt go past the stock clock of 620. However, when I try to modify anything other than the P(0) my computer will crash and have to rebot. not always imediatly. sometimes it will crash after the 5 seconds its in P(0) once it back down to P(1).
This is really all I know so far but I havent had any luck fixing it. some addidtional info: I have previously been playing games anywhere from 60-80 fps but because i am stuck in P(1) while gaming I cant get past 30fps, no matter the graphics settings, no matter the game. Wow i would run at close to 80 on average, spikes of 100, now stuck at 27-29. BF3 was 60 with v-sync and is now in the 20s as well.
any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. this is really impacting my performance in game.
Power cant be an issue by the way, Ive always game while plugged in, and have been using the same electrical outlet for the last 4 months with no problems until recenlty.
My chargers stats are as follows
AC input 100-240v,2.5A, 50-60Hz
DC output 19v=9.47A
that calculates to roughly a 180watt output i believe