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Hi guys,

Recently, my system has been rebooting/shutting down randomly. At times it would restart, but other times it would "restart" but with only the fans connected to the ATX running. The LED fans along with the CPU fan that was connected to the motherboard did not seem to have any power going to them. Now, when I wiggle the 24-pin ATX connector, the system (fans, gfx card/screen, hdd) boots up. I tried turning off the system and unplugging the powersupply from the wall so that i could inspect the 24-pin connector, but it didn't seem loose or anything at all. As far as i can tell, both the male power supply and female mobo end of the connectors seems solid. But in my mind, i'm thinking that it's the motherboard end of things that's causing the problem since all the molex-powered fans run fine..

Originally, I ran various stress tests(p95, IBT, furmark ) to see if it was a heat issue, but to no avail. I also ruled out any potential ram issues with Memtest86.

What do you guys thing? Is there any other things i can do to test and check?

Relevant system specs if it matters:
PS: Corsair Tx650
MB: Gigabyte p67a-D3-B3
Proc: intel 2500k (no longer overclocked)
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