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Thanks. It crashed a couple of times so I turned it down to 4.4ghz and now it runs like a champ and survived an overnight AIDA64 stress test with low temperatures.
One question I do have is that I noticed the multiplier does not adjust -- turbo and speedstep are both on but the multiplier is always at 44. Is that normal?

In the BIOS you need C1E and EIST enabled (and you can try enabling C3 and C6 but they cause issues for some people with offset voltages). Also, in Windows you need to make sure your power plan is set to Balanced. High performance will keep the speed up all the time.
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Ah that was it, when I changed the power plan to Balanced it fixed it (multiplier fell down to 16x straight away and moved back up to 44x as I started a stress test). Awesome, thanks again.
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