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On Win7 32bit I have either 12.4 or 12.6 (cannot tell precisely - never install all CCC stuff, only drivers). I have atiadlxx.dll version

Updated to 12.10 - the tool is working, GPU - HD5870. My guess is the beta version of the driver is not good.
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12.8 on xp is as well.

Ive put the file in my dropbox, so if its missing when i get home ill stick it in there and see what happens.

I find it very hard to believe that AMD has inadvertently left out their ADL api from a MAJOR beta release...but i suppose anything is possible.
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Well, I cannot believe it too - it would be a MAJOR blunder smile.gif. Maybe they changed something and API description in ADL_SDK is no longer correct or I made a wrong assumption somewhere.
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it turns out Radeon Pro uses a lot of ADL functions, and i have no issues with it.

Must be something funky with my configuration...
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ok, my win 7 is using

heres a link

must be something odd about how you are accessing the library that has changed.

i tried to override the library by placing the old dll in the overdrive5 directory, but it just hung.
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You cannot use an arbitrary version of atiadlxx.dll it is integral part of video driver.
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Enh, took 2 seconds to try...

Now we are back to something odd with how you are accessing the library as Radeon Pro has no issues with ADL at all.
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I have uploaded the new version with extended error reporting

Please try it and tell what it prints.
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will do...
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Oops ... smile.gif I think I know what is wrong - a 32 bit application on 64 bit OS. When I check the tool on Win7 64 bit I usually recompile it.
Tomorrow I will check if I am right and upload both 32 and 64 bit versions.
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