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Logitech G400 - angle snapping removed - how does it compare to 1st version?

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My G400 is PID: LZ12433 so it definitely has angel snapping. How will the newer G400 (with angle snapping removed) feel and perform compared to mine. Do you think it's worth getting another G400 just for the angle snapping removed - do you think it will make a huge difference?

There are times when my aim just doesn't want to go where my mind says it should be...but often i can see that it's my arm just isn't moving as fast and accuratelyt as my brain. Of course now i blame it all on my G400 with angle snapping!!!!!!
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this comes down very much to personal preference.
it is in fact a difference ofcourse. but some prefer enabled and some disabled angle snapping.
i personally own a g400 with angle snapping and a new one without. and i prefere the one with angle snapping.
dont ask me why. i even like the old mx518 v1 even more, which has a way stronger angle snapping even.
maybe u should give it a try, order one via amazon, test it 1-2 weeks without. if it helps, keep it.
if not, go for a refund.
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I agree with thorsteNN although I have only the new G400. I own other mice with angle snapping enabled and I think it's really not worth to get another G400 only to have it removed.
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It's a curiosity why Logitech G400 did not have the ability to enable/disable the angle snapping via software like the coolermaster Spawn. Surely that would have made the G400 legendary as it's now a struggle as the users have to decide to get either one or both (good for sales). Surely in these day and age the software option should be made available.

Confusion in the market place is not good for sales overall.
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i don't think it does have any impact on their sellings.
logitech didnt get the best reputation for the old setpoint driver generation.
especially connected to the old mx510/mx518 models.
the new logitech gaming software is fine, but i think it was smart of them, to make the g400 more a "plug and play" product. (1000hz etc)
g400 has an aggressive price for what u get, and in hits the market on all parts of the community.
from casual gaming to the very addicted players. i even think a lot of ppl own this mouse for only office work at home.
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haha....i can confirm that you're right - because i went and bought another - this time i looked out for the transparent Logitech stickers.....i was very tentative and wasn't sure whether it was another waste my precious money to get 'another' G400. But the G400 is so good - i like the shape a lot and it's very comfortable for me playing BF3 for long periods of time. I tried out a deathadder at the shop and preferred the G400 better - the G400 felt more secure in the hand. I thought i was a claw/fingertip user but the palm holding technique works better for me in the game. So now my new G400 has a serial number and not a PID number and i understand it's an angle snapping disabled version.

It's feels great - i would say its more free floating than the older G400.

And i like the logitech gaming software too - you can set settings on the fly and it works throughout the game. And you can also set profiles for different software - how great it that. Plus Logitech has incredible backup and support in Australia - so i didn't really mind buying the 2nd 'better' G400. I guess i'll keep the 1st G400 as a backup then.......Logitech u have created another legend and thank-you for making it quite affordable.
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After using both G400 - with & without prediction - i think in the end i really can't tell which is the better mice - i'm back to using the version with prediction and honestly i love it too - the differences is very very subtle and i think i might prefer the version with predictioin - evidently there's a sense of a slight increase in bringing the gun to the target - as if there's a touch of guidance to the mice. The version without prediction can be too free floating at times....
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Honestly prediction is very subjective I think, I have seen many great players use mice wtih prediction and win tournaments I think 2- 3 years back, a lot of people loved the 518 and that mouse had prediction in the sensor.

So it depends on the individual if you are used to the intellimice I guess you would hate to have prediction.
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Newbie121, I owe you a beer or soda. I was gonna run out tomorrow and do exactly what you recently did. Buy a newer G400 because I have the original model with angle snapping.

If you didn't notice that much difference I'll just use my original G400. THANKS!
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How can I tell if the Angle Snapping is removed in my G400?
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