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PSU issue

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So I have this computer from a little more than 10 years back when Pentium4 was first introduced. my p4 512 RDRAM was the bomb back then. Anyway, whenever I plug my system in, I hear this weird noise. At first I thought it was my mobo, but during a current project, I unplugged everything from my mobo, and the weird high pitched noise was still there. Traced it to the PSU.
What could be causing this? (other than old age) and what can I do to fix it without having to buy a new one? Thanks

EDIT: the PSU is a Mercury KOB AF4300x
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Open it up and check the capacitors.
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alright, how do I know if they're faulty?
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Use your eyes smile.gif.. look for bulging, leakage even..
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Other than dust, I can't see anything wrong with them. Not even bulged.
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Can you describe the sound... is it more like hissing.. or like an electrical noise, a high frequency buzz?
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It's not an electrical noise. It's a very high pitched sound that fades whenever I cut the off.
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I'd say the caps are at fault here.. loose guess though.
You could try to recap it, if you have the skills to do so, if not stick with it the way it is (if you can ignore the sound) since you're not willing to change it... not much else I can offer you.. in regard to "advice" smile.gif
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I see. Well, thanks anyway. (:
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