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Corsair GS PSU making very odd noises ....

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Hey guys just got a new Corsair GS 700 and the noises coming from it are god awful, I did a google search and saw others were complaining about the noise and apparently its just the fan spinning up. But honestly it sounds like no fan I've ever heard spinning up, its a hideous ticking noise followed by a sharp shrill .. then goes dead silent. With the side of my case on, being a fractal its all lined with thick stuff, I don't hear my asus gtx 670 at all even with a very aggressive fan curve set up, I can barely hear the corsair fans on the H100 radiator, I cant even hear the little fans on the sabertooth motherboard that I've heard others complain about, but the Corsair GS .... I can even hear it over my headphones while listening to music. Maybe I have just the wrong amount of load on it to make it constantly switch on and off?

Anyways I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue with this PSU and been able to perhaps adjust something to make the fan constantly spin or reduce the noise in any way.
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Woah what a coincidence i bought one just there on Saturday. I couldn't be bothered getting an RMA so I just opened it up and put another fan in but this time I ran the fan from the motherboard. The power delivery is fine as it handles my phenom 955BE and my GTX580 fine
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I had one temporarily while I waited on a RMA, and the one I had did the same thing. I think it was actually the fan spinning down that made the annoying noise on mine, but since it is a temp controlled fan it kept spinning up and then spinning down and making that noise. I think I finally just put an external fan under it to blow cool air in there and keep the internal fan from turning on.
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SOLUTION!--I wish it didn't take me so long to find this. I was able to clear up my issue. forum.corsair com/v3/showthread.php?t=85166
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SOLUTION!--I wish it didn't take me so long to find this. I was able to clear up my issue. forum.corsair com/v3/showthread.php?t=85166
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The link is to the official corsair forum where a fix/workaround was posted. For those who do not trust external sites at all... Here is text quoted from the page:
If you believe that your PSU is louder than it should be there are a few things you should check before assuming that the PSU is faulty. First, you should be aware of what can cause the noise that you are hearing. If you are hearing a buzz or electrical type sound, then it’s likely due to a capacitor somewhere in your system that is vibrating at a frequency which is clashing with the rest of the components in the system. Usually this capacitor is either on the PSU, motherboard, or graphics card and you should be able to try a few things to narrow down the issue.

We have seen that the CPU power saving features in the BIOS can cause the PSU to emit the noise. Try disabling these features to see if there is any improvement. ERP, C1E and EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology) are few examples of power saving settings, but your motherboard manufacturer should be able to tell you specifically which features your board supports.

We have also seen that some graphics card drivers can contribute to the sound as well. If the problems seem to get worse when loading a 3D application, try booting your system up into safe mode to see if you can still hear the sound. If the sound goes away, then your problem may be software related. We have found that enabling “vsync” in your graphics drivers options can eliminate the sound.

If the previous steps have not eliminated the sound, then you may want to test the PSU in a different system just to be sure that the sound follows the PSU. If it looks like there is a good chance that the PSU could be causing the problem, then please request an RMA through our Tech Support Express and we will be happy to replace it.

If a replacement PSU gives you identical issues, then chances are that there is something else causing the sound. Keep in mind that the sound can come from the PSU, while the PSU may not actual be the cause of the problem. So it’s important to try to rule out the motherboard and graphics card if possible.

Also keep in mind that our PSUs are quiet, but are not totally silent. If you only hear the PSU when you have the side panel of your case removed, there is probably not a problem at all.
As a gs700 PSU owner I know how damn annoying that noise was! I was able to resolve my noise issue.
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I resolved my issue by disable C1E
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