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Dual GTX 470 water cool setup

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This is a post of what I plan to make so far, I have little experience with custom building a water cooler apart from buying a kit so any advice on parts or setup would be helpful.

I have a coolmaster storm trooper case, which offers lots of space inside to fit a reservoir and pump.

I plan to disassemble two of my 470's normal heatsink and install one of these EK-FC470 per 470.

I'll use one of my empty bay slots to fit a TNK-501 reservoir and then (hopefully) find a space to mount a PMP-450S below it.

Finally I'll place a 3x120MM heatsink (link) somewhere outside my case, possibly on my window pane, pulling cool air from outside.

This Is how I would like to set up the connection.

I believe the pump I want to use runs at 4.6 GPM @ 12v so would that make it 2.3 through each gpu blocks?

2x EK-FC470 GPU Blocks
TNK-501 resrvoir
PMP-450S pump
3x120 heatsink

Splitters, bracers and tubing.

I have a giant noctua heatsink on my CPU which I plan to keep for now, it doesn't make much noise so at the moment i'm really only interested in fitting the 470's with cooling blocks.
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If you are going through that much trouble just WC your cpu at the same time so you do not need to redo everything later on. To save on the effort of running tubing to the outside of your window for the rad just put it inside of a mini fridge, once summer hits you will have to redo all of that tubing if you mount it outside.
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Well I figured if I do decide to do the cpu later on It may not be that big of a fuss. I would obviously have to drain the system either way which would be the biggest hassle but installing the cpu block shouldn't require pulling out my mobo since there's a big hole on the opposite side of the case large enough to mount any heat sink fixture(whatever it's called). As for the tubing, I should be able to just connect the gpu's together so they share one line and have the other line go through the cpu without cutting or trimming any tubing at all. I suppose that would be a bit of a project but It just seemed a little unnecessary to WC my CPU at the moment.

Having a minifridge probably isn't a realistic option, since my pc alone already draws a lot of power and sometimes throws the circuit breaker if my room mate uses a space heater in the next room. In short the wiring in this house sucks. But I can usually get an AC to work for whatever reason....

So what i'll probably do is have the heat sink sit on the pane like I mentioned before since my comp is right below the window. And then have it sit on my desk which is also adjacent to the tower with hopefully an AC running during the summer. The tubing should be just the right length to fit in on either spot.
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I would talk against exterior Rads. unless you can garentee the case nor rad will ever be bumped nudged or moved. reason be told there has been many instances with exterior parts and the hoses wither sprung a leak on the exterior part or the interior hook up. due to something happening or from constant moment.

thats my 2 sense anyways..

The set up does look mighty good though. Thruth be told im not sure how cost effective it is worth WC them 470's as they may be out of date in another year 2 at most. crisis 3 is already demanding my SLI 560's (well so the recondmended too high recondmondations say)
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You don't say... hmm I'll keep that in mind... If I can find a nice place to mount a sizable heat sink within I will, Otherwise I'll just be extra careful with where ever I decide to mount the rad such that it never unintentionally moves.

I've also thought about upgrading my cards but I thought with a good wc setup maybe I could OC those 470's and squeeze another few years out of them but with those blocks being 86 euros a piece you might be right. Maybe i'll just grab a 670/680 and redo the cpu block as well.
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a single 670/680 would be more than enough of a card for 2 years anyways, add another or two when the card is starting to show age, and sli away.
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I was thinking the same, So at this point that's probably what I'll do...

Think i'll grab this guy for the gpu and that guy for the cpu. time for phase 2 tongue.gif
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im sorry i think your CPU link must be broken it keeps bringing me to a AMD block thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
but overall looking good. just surprised your going WC'd ASAP with the new GPU. Than again if i had the money i would too.
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Well this is my pet project for now which is why I'm gun-ho for upgrading so quickly, I'm thinking about tricking out my case with a micro controller to coordinate lighting and monitor WC stats as well if anyone has any experience/ advice for that...

and hey, the fx is a nice processor tongue.gif got the eight core and clocked it up to 4 without a WC. No expert on OC but I saw a noticeable improvement from an already nice processor. That being said I do agree intel makes fantastic processors... I had a core 2 quad as my first build and didn't really need to upgrade till around the time bf3 came out.
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Hey just figured ill let yea know, the psu can be top mounted and then there is enough room on the bottom to internally push pull a 240rad easy.
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